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   Chapter 850 Alright I Will Leave

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The easy money from Mr. Bian was good news to the receptionist. She subtly rejoiced, knowing that the money was more than enough to squander, and there was no need for her to work as hard as her other colleagues to make a living.

The change was rather difficult to get used to, but as time went by, she began to get used to the comfort and even began enjoying the life she had at the company.

This easy and comfortable life she had just gotten accustomed to after all this time, however, was interrupted by a certain woman.

"What on earth do you want?" the receptionist questioned Sheryl furiously as if she could make her melt with a mere fiery glare. There weren't any other ways to dodge the trouble Sheryl brought, so she figured she should deal with it right there and then.

"I could ask you the same thing. What do you want?" Sheryl threw the question back at her. "If you leave this place now and promise to stay away, I'll let you off and pretend you were never here in the first place. I don't know, and I don't want to know what's going on between you and Mr. Bian, but if you don't take this good chance I'm giving you right now, I'll have no choice but to bring this up to Mrs. Bian. I can assure you, the next person who you'll have to answer to won't be as nice as me. By then... do you really think that Mr. Bian will spare any effort to protect you, a liability? You don't think he'll kick you away as soon as he can?"

When the receptionist heard Sheryl's threatening words, her face darkened with concern.

She was well aware that Mr. Bian would not have ended up as who he was at present without the loyal support and help from Mrs. Bian's family.

The receptionist wasn't completely foolish. If he was ever even suspected to be disloyal to his wife because of her, she knew she'd be canned on the spot without warning. After all, what was she to him, compared to his money, status, and fame? It was incomparable, in reality. Once their relationship was put under a spotlight, she would be the one to suffer.

Mr. Bian had let the relationship last as long as it did because she was more clever than most when it came to knowing her boundaries. She knew what she should and shouldn't do, how she should behave, and what lines she shouldn't cross.

When Mr. Bian needed her close, she was attached to him as the perfect little kitten. When he needed his space, she was well capable of making herself scarce and keeping a safe distance from him.

It was almost a talent in his eyes, and this quality of hers was what won her his affections.

At that moment, however, it seemed that she had no chance of escaping from Mrs. Bian's suspicions if she ignored Sheryl's advice. If Mr. Bian found out that she revealed her existence to Mrs. Bian, any little affection he had for her would be wiped away in an instant, and he would show no mercy, no matter how many years they had shared together. If she was thrown away, how would she find another sugar daddy as good as Mr. Bian, who was as generous as they came?

Weighing the possible outcomes of the options she had before her, she knew she had to give in. With a reluctant nod, she agreed to Sheryl's offer, "Alright, I will leave right away."

Sheryl smiled in satisfaction. "Smart move

ver time. It gave Sheryl the urge to recollect all the memories she had from that time. Life seemed so pure and sweet back then.

"Why, Sheryl?" Isla was a bit puzzled. Sheryl looked like she was in a kind of daze, and she couldn't tell what was going on in her head.

"Thank you, Isla. Really." Sheryl genuinely appreciated Isla for saving Cloud Advertising Company from its declining situation. Its healthy development it was enjoying at present wouldn't have been possible without Isla's help. Her decisiveness made her a good shot for making the tough choices that were life and death for the company.

And no one but Sheryl knew better of Isla's financial capabilities. In fact, the salary that the company could offer her was nowhere near enough for all that she did. She could've stayed at home and devoted herself to being a housewife, taking care of her husband and child, as she was inherently blessed with such an opportunity to enjoy a light-hearted life.

If not for Sheryl, who wished to have the company prosper, why else would she join? Taking up such a job was not a fun activity after all. It was exhausting.

"Hey, what are you saying?" Isla was flattered. She could feel the blush creeping up her cheeks as she realized how highly Sheryl thought of her, and how much she recognized and admired her work. Feeling flushed made her divert the topic of conversation to something else. "Do you think that I'm here just for you? Come on, did you forget about the promise you made to me regarding the share of the company? I'm one of the holders, so I have the responsibility to do so. Don't forget to pay me what I'm owed."

"Of course, I will keep my promise. You'll receive a great percentage of financial benefit in return," promised Sheryl. She knew that Isla had reminded her simply to shift her attention, and assure her that she shouldn't feel guilty in any sense. Their strong friendship put her at awe. How could she ever truly repay her? It would take a long time to really find out.

"Oh! I have something to show you. Come with me." Isla suddenly remembered and stood up, ready to lead Sheryl somewhere else. What kind of surprise would it be?

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