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   Chapter 849 You Are Messing With The Wrong Person

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The receptionist heaved a sigh of relief at the first sight she got of Isla. Immediately she rushed to her as if she was a savior for her in this situation and said, "Isla, I just followed your instructions. You told me that I should not allow anyone apart from the employees inside the office. That's exactly what I did. But, see how Miss Shi is blaming me. I really don't understand what mistake I've made?"

"Really?" Isla sneered. She was amazed at the girl's stupidity. She had always known what kind of person the receptionist was and hadn't had a way to deal with her. But now, the receptionist was stupid enough to give Isla the excuse to fire her.

"Yes." The receptionist sighed helplessly and said as she turned towards Sheryl, "I know that small people like us mean nothing to you at all, but even we have self-respect. I didn't do anything wrong. Even if you were the king of heaven, you can't do anything to me. I'm sure Isla will give me a fair chance."

"What is going on here?" Isla looked at Sheryl who was standing on the side with a completely exasperated look.

Before she could even speak, Sheryl was interrupted by the receptionist on the side. "Isla, she is a friend of Miss Shi," she said, "she will definitely help her."

"Shut up!" Isla blurted out loudly. Isla stared at the biggest hiring mistake that Sheryl hit up on the very day in the office. She was quite impatient now, and all she could do was to snub her to be quiet at the moment. She said, "I think you are really as blind as a bat."

"I..." the receptionist stammered as she stared at Isla, flabbergasted by her remark.

"Forget it, Isla." Sheryl gestured Isla to let go and said, "The receptionist is the first image of a company. If clients come in and see such a person like her, their first impression will be very bad. Just fire her. There's no need to be angry on her."

"Well, I'll do as you say." Isla laughed and said, "Come on, let's go inside."

"Stop!" the receptionist commanded loud and clear as Isla and Sheryl turned around to enter the office. Evidently, she was reluctant to take their decision to fire her lying down. She stopped the three and said to Isla, "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" Isla was stunned at the audacity of the receptionist and stared at her into her eyes and asked, "Don't you understand what I mean?"

Looking at her disgruntled appearance, Isla sneered at her and said, "Then let me repeat myself. I mean to say that you should p

much of contribution towards the Cloud Advertising Company every year that if he knew that I was fired by you, he would not let it go. Hence, I advise you to be polite to me. Besides, you disappeared for some good three years. Hence it is difficult of you to catch up the current situation of the company. Trust me. You won't be able to handle it anymore."

"Really?" Sheryl sneered at her. Then she just steered clear of the negative vibes of the receptionist and started to feel the aura of her own office -- the Cloud Advertising Company. She felt alive as she recalled the time when she and Isla had worked together to build this company. A smile of accomplishment came to her face.

It was such a familiar surrounding. The atmosphere of flattery, creativity and sophistication.

These feelings surged up and the time lapse started to feel no big deal any more. She felt as if she had never left this place. As if she had returned to become the woman named Autumn who had done things decisively.

"Girl, given the character of Mr. Bian, I could not be more clear." Sheryl sneered, "Yes, he can protect you for a while, but don't forget that Mr. Bian has a dragon wife. Do you think she would easily spare you if she knew you were here?"

Sheryl smiled and continued, "Forget your Mr. Bian, even the king of the heaven can not protect you now."

The receptionist's face became as white as a sheet. It was finally dawning on to her that she was messing with the wrong person.

The reason why Mr. Bian had arranged her here was that he was afraid of being discovered by his family. So even though she did not like it, she was deputed here.

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