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   Chapter 848 Misplaced Authority

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"I…" Sheryl mindlessly looked at the tender face that was before her. The woman wore make up, but she could never mistake the sincerity painted on the fair lady's face for someone else; Leila had been the same as she was three years ago.

Leila had been an innocent girl from the beginning, but she had changed a lot afterwards.

"May I ask who you want to see, please? Have you scheduled an appointment?" the receptionist had to ask Sheryl again, who was drifting off in her own thought. "I'm sorry, miss," the receptionist said before Sheryl could respond, "but if you don't have an appointment then it's best you leave right now."

"I'm not here to see anyone," Sheryl said, forgetting to gather her words more wisely. She looked at the receptionist and was about to explain, "I am here to…"

The receptionist could not help but interrupt, "Not here to see anyone?" The receptionist could not help but to cast a judgmental glance at Sheryl. After looking at her from top to toe, she subtly rolled her eyes and said, "I think it's best if you leave now. This is not where you should be."

Sheryl frowned faintly, not missing the underlying tone of irritation in the words of the one before her. 'In a company, the receptionist is a very important position. How the receptionist treat the people will reflect the name of the company.

No matter who comes to visit the company, they must be treated with equal respect by the receptionist because the receptionist is the first employee that every person interested in the company will come in contact with. Therefore, if a company has a great receptionist, every customer will be left with a satisfying and good impression of the company. However, if they are treated in such a rude manner, no matter how well the program goes, the customers' first impression of the company will always be recollected from a bad experience, creating a bad reputation, ' thought Sheryl.

Sheryl was still not given the proper time to make herself understood since the rude receptionist once again ordered her to leave the premises, "Are you going away or not?" With an unamused face, the receptionist was determined to drive her away and rudely told her, "This is not the place where you can just come whenever you like. Get lost!"

At this point, Sheryl's brows were tightly knitted together. She was just about to take her phone out to call Isla when an old employee who just happened to be passing by seemed to have recognized Sheryl. They stared at each other for a longer time than a person would stare at a stranger until Sheryl realized who she was and said, "Suse, do you remember me? It's been three years since we last saw each other."

The employee was still trying to recognize Sheryl, "Autumn?" Suse Shi though

of you, I would have been more polite to her."

The receptionist turned to Sheryl complaining, "Hey you, you should have told me earlier. If you did, there wouldn't be a problem right now."

Sheryl sneered at her, "Told you earlier? It was impossible to get you to give me the time to say."

Awkwardness overcame the room. The receptionist turned pale but she pretended to be calm, held her head up and told Suse Shi, "Miss Shi, see? It was a complete misunderstanding. Can we agree not to let Isla know about this, please?"

The receptionist had always been aware that Isla did not like her and would dispatch of her in a heartbeat. That was why she tried to explain the matter to Suse Shi and begged for her understanding.

Suse Shi smiled and said, "Well, if you have offended another person, it would be no big deal, but you've offended Autumn -- I mean, Sheryl, and she is the company boss. How am I supposed to help you?"

"What? What do you mean? How can she be..." The receptionist's eyes grew wider in realization of what she did.

"Sheryl, since you're the boss of the company, please do whatever it is in your will. You can fire her or you can keep her, and once you make the decision, I will immediately inform the personnel manager so they can make your choice effective immediately," Suse Shi told Sheryl.

However, Sheryl was hesitant for a moment -- she was embarrassed even. "Suse, I think… It's been so long that I've left the company, so I would rather leave the decision to Isla. After all, she has been managing the company now for such a long time. I'm sure she knows how to properly deal with the situation; she's more experienced than I am after all."

"What's going to leave to me?" Suddenly, a female voice came from behind. It was at this moment that Isla came in, hearing everything that Sheryl said.

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