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   Chapter 846 Seek Help

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Anthony was absolutely taken aback by the unexpected encounter by the two stranger ladies who just happened to pop up out of the blue claiming themselves to be Sue's family. He cast a glance at Peggy and said, "No. She didn't owe me any money."

Peggy felt confused and she looked at Anthony with curious eyes. Anthony was somehow feeling uneasy as the creased rustic face of Peggy loomed over his face with intriguing eyes. As he was guilty of his conduct towards Sue and wanted to compensate for it, then the sudden appearance of her family made him really confused. After staring at his face for a while, Peggy blurted, "So what are you doing here, then? Do you love her?"

Peggy inspected Anthony carefully and added, "Let me tell you one thing very clearly. If you want to court Sue, you must take my permission first, otherwise..."

"Aunt..." Anthony interrupted her. He looked at her and said, "Sue and I are just common friends. I was just passing by her office and wanted to say hello, but somehow she tried to avoid me. I hope you can ask her why she did so."

Anthony paused for a while and said politely, "I have more important things to deal with. I will take my leave now. Bye Aunt."

"Wait..." Peggy tried to stop him so that she could intrude further but he just took quick and long strides and disappeared before she could say anything more.

Anthony somehow reached the corner of the lane where he could evade the eyes of Peggy and Doris and gasped for breath while his heart was pounding fast against his chest.

Indeed, his relationship with Sue was not something that he could tell anybody. He had come here to regret for his behavior towards her. He felt that he just owed too much to Sue. So he wanted to talk with her and find out whether he could compensate her in anyway to make him feel less guilty.

Also Laura insisted on inviting Sue to have dinner with them. Hence, he had come to invite her for a family dinner.

He had no other choice but to come to her company.

But he didn't expect to meet Sue's other family members there. Anthony told a lie about his relationship with Sue just to avoid being harassed by them.

If they knew how unfairly he had treated Sue, they would definitely not treat him with respe


"Yes, it is done." Doris nodded slightly with a gentle smile on her face and said to Peggy, "Mom, let's go home."

"Hold on!" Peggy held Doris back and spoke in a stern voice, "There is no hurry. I want to know some more details about the baby." Then she turned to the doctor and said, "Doctor, can you please tell me how old the baby is at the moment?"

"I have already told you that..." Doris pretended to urge Peggy to leave but Peggy cast an angry glance at her and inquired, "What is your problem? Can't I talk to the doctor? Is there anything you are hiding from me?"

"I..." Doris gave a bitter smile and turned her eyes to the doctor for help.

The doctor glanced at Peggy and her trust became stronger on Doris. She agreed that Peggy was a difficult woman. She felt pitiful for Doris. She said to Peggy, "Why are you so rude to your daughter-in-law at the time when she is pregnant? The baby in her womb is just four months old. It is a very crucial stage of pregnancy and she needs to have a peaceful mood. Please take good care of her and call me if you have any problem."

"Okay, I will. I feel reassured then." Peggy let out a deep sigh of relief and a smile broke on her face. The doctor's words assured her. Now she could put her worries to rest. Doris marked the changes on Peggy's face from the corner of her eyes and shared a reassuring smile with the doctor gesturing her gratitude.

Peggy felt restless since she had a talk with Sheryl. But now she was relieved.

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