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   Chapter 845 Keeping The Secret

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"It's all right," Sue replied in haste and turned back. There was distinct anxiousness on her face that could not evade Sheryl's eyes. She marked the change in Sue's behavior as she turned around repeatedly taking quick glances at the entry gate. Then as she suddenly glanced upon Sheryl's face that was filled with questions, she tried to calm down and pretend to be normal. She tried to explain, "I thought I'd be late."

"Sue..." Sheryl stared at her with a stern frown set on her face. She did not need Sue to tell her that something was wrong with her. Then she asked in a concerned voice, "What is wrong with you?"

Sue looked terribly nervous. Sheryl patted her and assured her that she could confide in her. Sue still took a few moments to get over her hesitation, Then she pulled Sheryl aside and almost hushed into her ears so that nobody could hear, "When I arrived, Doris and Peggy were waiting for me at the gate."

"What?" Sheryl blurted with creased brows. Sheryl was stunned to hear that they had even followed Sue up to the office. She asked Sue, "What did they come here for?"

"For money," Sue answered, letting out a heavy sigh. Then she added, "They said that Doris needs to go for a check up in the hospital. So they need money. I remember they just asked for 500 thousand from you, right?"

"Now, they are really crossing the limits!" A stern frown settled on Sheryl's face. She hoped that Sue hadn't given the money they'd asked for and asked in a serious voice, "So? Did you give them the money?"

"Yes, I had to." Sue nodded her head, helpless. Then she added, "How could I refuse them. Peggy always threatens me to extort more and more money from me. She said if I refused to fulfill their demands, she would humiliate me right here in front of all my colleagues in this company. She used to treat me very badly at home, which I could tolerate because it happened behind the closed doors, but I couldn't tolerate her in my workplace!"

Sheryl looked Sue in her eyes and really felt sorry for her. Whoever had family and relatives like them, could only understand how helpless and exhausting it could be.

She remembered her own situation in the past. Even she had experienced what Sue was going through right now. All the bitter memories flashed in front of her eyes when she was wronged by her mother. How much she hated her! And yet she tried to bear with it instead of getting back at her. Because after all, she was her mother. Even if her mother had ended up in a miserable state, she had nothing to do with that.

"That's so not right, Sue," Sheryl commented, and almost immediately, she had another question that just sprang up in her mind. She gathered her thoughts and asked, "They would leave after you gave them the money, but why are you so nervous?"


If Sue refused to tell her the truth, how would she come to know about him?

Gradually, Peggy was falling into Doris' trap. She asked her, "What should we do? Do you have any idea?"

"Go to him right away and ask. It is just as simple," Doris answered as she gestured Peggy to look towards Anthony with her mouth pouting. She knew her trick worked. Peggy's focus had already shifted from the hospital. In order to further drive her mind towards Anthony, she walked towards him alone, and asked, "Excuse me, are you Sue's friend?"

"Who are you?" Anthony turned towards her and asked.

"Don't be nervous. I'm just curious." She gave him a big smile and introduced herself, "I'm Sue's sister. I was just talking to her. We just felt weird when she just walked away the moment she saw you. Is it because she owned you money?"

"You are Sue's sister?" Anthony asked with his brows creased. He became suspicious as he had never heard Sue mentioning that she had a sister.

"I am..." Before Doris could say more, Peggy just came up and also introduced herself with a smile, "Sue is my daughter and she is my daughter-in-law. Really nice to meet you."

With her eyes full of expectation and greed, Peggy thought she would definitely be lucky if Sue had a rich friend like this. She might get a great deal of money out of all the rich friends Sue had and eventually purchase an apartment in Y City for Allen out of that money.

With a smirk on her face, Peggy looked at Anthony, tried to chill herself down. Then she asked, "Do you have anything to talk to her?"

"Does she really owe you a lot of money?" She stared at his face to read his expressions but could not make anything out of it. Then she said blatantly, "If that is true, go to ask her for money. We don't have any."

"No," Anthony said. He was surprised to meet Sue's mother for the first time.

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