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   Chapter 844 Another Request For Money

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7808

Updated: 2019-04-11 00:44

As any ordinary couple would do, Charles and Sheryl went out for a little stroll hand in hand down the street. The weather gave them a calm day, which seemed rare given the recent string of events.

The peace was shortlived, however, when Sue came to Sheryl's mind. She stopped in her steps and pulled Charles back and sighed. "Charles, I'm counting on you… with Sue. You know that, right?"

Charles smiled warmly in response, wanting to reassure her. "Don't worry about it. I'll do anything to sort it all out quickly so you can move back home with me."

Hearing his words, Sheryl felt red creeping up her cheeks.

It was Sheryl who planned to send Charles back home, but somehow, she was to be sent back to her place by Charles, and even with all that had happened, she found herself feeling nothing but affection for Charles because of it. When their stroll came to an end, she gave him a long stare. "You've had some wine. You shouldn't drive."

"I know. I'll call a car to bring me back," he responded with affection. The air around them was warm and familiar. When they gazed at each other, they hid smiles in their eyes.

With Charles' promise, Sheryl nodded in relief. "Alright then. I should get back now." It was a reluctant parting. On the way to the door, Sheryl had to look back at the man before entering the house -- and he wore a warm smile for every turn she gave. Even as she finally got herself inside, her heart was still beating because of his words.

Sheryl jumped a little when the light in her bedroom suddenly went on. Sue's presence took her off guard, as she thought Sue would still be in her room. With someone else around, Sheryl had to calm her heart down and conceal the bashful smile threatening to surface. "It's getting late. Why are you still up?"

"I was waiting for you," Sue smiled as she said it. She stared at Sheryl with a suggestive look.

The latter had to pretend to be busy sorting and tidying things up to avoid looking at the other girl. "Why were you waiting? You didn't have to."

"Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget to remind Charles about my dilemma, but maybe that's too much to remember when you're indulging in love." Sue's tone was teasing, and she smiled mischievously at her friend.

"What… What are you talking about?" Sheryl said hastily, her face gro

it's all your fault!"

"My fault?" She only sneered at the remark. "You dare blame me? Don't talk until you find a real man."

"Sue." Just as Sue was about to give a retort, Anthony's voice pierced through the tension in the air. They all turned to see Anthony approaching. It made Sue feel anxious, when the other two were staring at the man and wondering who he was.

He'd been looking for Sue for a while. He had even visited her home but didn't dare go upstairs. After several days of waiting for her, he couldn't figure out her whereabouts. Finally, he took a chance to look for her at the company and found her with a stroke of luck.

The moment he saw her, he felt like all the weight on his body had lifted. He relaxed in relief.

A few days ago, they parted on bad terms, but all that mattered to Anthony was that he could find her safe and sound.

As he approached though, Sue found herself worrying. Afraid that Peggy would find out about her relationship with Anthony, she dug up some bills from her purse and shoved them at Peggy hurriedly, just to end the whole interaction, before rushing into the company.

Fortunately for Sue, the BM Corporation had strict policies about people getting in and out, so Anthony could only watch as she rushed in.

Sue's face stayed pale as she escaped into the office. Since Charles picked Sheryl up for breakfast, the latter had arrived earlier than Sue. Her friend's rushed entrance was worrisome, so Sheryl approached her right away.

"Mimi, what's wrong? Was someone chasing after you?"

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