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   Chapter 842 To Have A Second Child

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Sheryl gave a smile at Isla and said that she trusted Charles too well to fall a prey to her false alarms. Then she said, "That day will never come Isla. Charles is not that kind of person. I believe in him."

Sheryl's confidence in Charles reassured Chris and Isla. They felt that even if she was taking time, she was still on the right track.

However, they were a little disheartened that their combined effort to get Sheryl back with Charles had failed. Since she was so stubborn, Isla couldn't do anything with her, but changed the topic of discussion to work. Isla stared at Sheryl and said, "It's up to you. Nobody can make a decision for you. But Sher, don't you think that as a boss, you should take more responsibilities in your company now?"

Isla raised her voice. "Recently, the company is going through a good phase. Everybody works around the clock, including me. I work overtime every night, while you are working at some other company and that too as an employee! What do you take me for? This is so unfair!"

Isla pretended to be angry. "Sheryl, I tell you. If you don't return to the company as soon as possible, I will quit! I will put it all behind just like you! I have helped you for three years, for which I have even postponed my plans to have a second child."

Isla continued in the same angry tone, "You are so lucky to have twins, a son and a daughter and that too at one go. I really admire you. Though I have Amanda already, I also want to have a son. Aron also feels that we should have both son and daughter to complete the family. We want a second child so much! So you can imagine how much I have sacrificed for you!"

"Yes, yes! I know! You have sacrificed and contributed a lot to the company. Thank you so much! Are you satisfied now?" Sheryl joked with her, thinking that Isla was more eloquent than three years ago. She could connect different things together to make up for a reasonable excuse.

Sheryl took Isla's hands and said sincerely, "I know you helped me a lot during my absence. Without your efforts, our company could not have developed so fast, or even worse it might have closed down already. Charles told me that the company has grown much bigger than before. I will always remember your devotion. I can never deny that."

"Beautiful words don't work for me." Isla took a glance at Sheryl. "How are you going to thank me?"

Sheryl smiled. "Okay. How about this? You tell me what you want."

Isla's eyes went bright. "My daughter Amanda likes your son Clark very much. So I think, maybe they

"Are you kidding me? You are the boss! Who would dare to reprimand you! Spare me!" Isla teased and pretended to be surprised. Her funny reaction made both of them laugh out loud. When they finally recovered, Isla hugged Sheryl and said, "Sher, I'm so happy you are back. I missed you so much!"

"I know, really," Sheryl replied sincerely. "I will stay here forever. I will never leave my dear ones ever again in my life. It's all past!"

Sheryl felt so happy and content to have a friend like Isla and a lover like Charles who both loved her and cared about her so much. They were the best gifts that God had given her. What else could she ask for? She just could not stop herself from counting her blessings.

Charles went overboard with wine during the feast. This was the first time that Sheryl had seen him drunken. He was no longer the prominent Mr. President who made people to be in owe of him. He was like an ordinary young man, who talked a lot and cared about no manners or etiquettes. But this side of him was cute and lovely. The more Sheryl watched him to be so casual, her heart melted towards him.

Then all of them left. Abby returned to pick up Andy, while Isla drove drunken Aron home. Sam called a taxi and took his leave. Sheryl planned to send Charles to Dream Garden. He was so much drunk that he needed rest.

However, when they walked out of the restaurant, Charles recovered like he was totally sober. He pleaded Sheryl, "I don't want to go home now. Stay with me, please. How about taking a walk?"

"I'm okay if you want," Sheryl agreed. But she kept glancing at Charles, not knowing whether he was really sober now or he pretended to be drunken all this while.

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