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   Chapter 841 A Gathering

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Sheryl went to bed thinking how to start this topic with Charles. However, she woke up the next morning only to find that Charles was waiting for her downstairs. When Amy saw her coming down, she smiled. "Morning Sheryl! We were just about to call you. Charles has been waiting here for quite a long time. Go, change your clothes and freshen up soon."

"Oh! That's a pleasant surprise. So what brings you here?" Sheryl looked at Charles with a perplexed face and smiled.

"Since you don't visit me, I thought of paying you a visit," Charles replied her making a pity face for himself. Shirley was very delighted to see him and was seen to be clinging on to him. Charles continued, "Did you forget it? Clark has his name changed today. So I'm thinking about organizing a gathering to celebrate. And, It's been a while since the last time we met!"

All of a sudden, Sheryl felt as if she had been pulled out from some kind of a trance. She felt guilty as a mother for having neglected her own son. Recently she had been so much engaged in Sue's matters. Poor Charlie, she thought. No, Clark, she corrected herself. The whole thing about changing his name had completely skipped her mind.

She blamed herself for that.

She told Charles, "Just wait for me. I'll get changed and meet you soon!"

Then she rushed upstairs and broke the news to Sue. She wanted to invite Sue to join the gathering, but Sue rejected, saying that it was not suitable for her to attend their family feast.

Sheryl had no choice but to give up.

When she came downstairs, she saw Charles and Shirley playing happily with each other. Shirley's giggles filled the room and Charles' face was glowing to his daughter who had fun with him. The loving picture of the father and daughter warmed Sheryl's heart, and she couldn't help grinning.

"Let's go!" Sheryl walked towards Charles and said to them.

Charles took Shirley in his arms and started walking to his car.

The venue was at a fancy restaurant in the downtown. Its VIP room was big enough to hold more than twenty people. They also invited Gary, Chris' family, and Isla's family. The kids were having fun with each other once they met. Isla was looking for the right opport

rooms with you as long as you are ready to come back home. If you still can't make a decision, maybe this arrangement will help you to think ahead. Come back to our home for a while and then you are free to move out at any time. If you really do so, you will be giving Charles some hope. What's more, you can even adapt to living together with him. It's good for both of you."

"But..." Sheryl hesitated. Even though Chris' suggestion was really a good one, she could not convince herself to accept it at the moment.

She gave them a bitter smile and said, "Let's talk about this later. I have something to deal with right now, so I can't move back."

Sue just moved into Zhao family. At this time, if she moved in to Dream Garden, how would Sue feel? Wouldn't she think that they were trying to drive her away?

She knew Sue was a sensitive girl and she didn't want her to feel uncomfortable.

"You are really..." Isla sighed helplessly. Today both she and Chris made great efforts to persuade Sheryl to step forward. However, she shrank back every time when they saw some hope to bring her back into Charles' life. She just refused to look forward. They couldn't change anything. What else could they do?

Isla gave the final attempt. "If you don't treasure Charles, I'm sure you'll regret in the future. Take action now before it's too late! Don't wait until he is taken by another woman. In that case, I won't sympathize with you even if you cry in front of me!"

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