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   Chapter 840 Confiding

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The very thought of Ferry returning to Y City made Holley tremble with fear. Her throats dried up as she answered the phone. After clearing her throat, she asked, "Now that you are coming back, is Charles aware of it? Have you thought of the consequences if he comes to know about your return?"

"You forget about it." Ferry sneered as he spoke to Holley over the phone, "That is none of your business. It is I who has to deal with it. You just mind your own business."

Saying this Ferry hung up the phone abruptly. Holley stood there dumbfounded not knowing what to do.

A sudden pensiveness dawned upon her heart making her feel as if she had a very heavy rock on her chest that was pushing her down. Holley picked up her bag hastily and drove straight to the cemetery in Y City.

She made her way to Wendy's grave. She stared at her picture on the grave that was still the same as before. She stood there like a little girl with tears in her eyes and a heavy heart, looking at her mother's smiling face and whispered, "Mom, tell me what should I do?"

Standing by Wendy's grave gave her some kind of peace as her mind traveled to the past. She was once a privileged young girl of a rich family. However, following her parent's demise life had not been the same again.

It was all because of Sheryl. She was the only one to be blamed for Holley's condition to be reduced to this state. She was the cause behind all her miseries.

"Mom, just tell me what should I do now?" It was the first time Holley had visited Wendy's grave ever since her death.

Her mind was in a mess. On one hand, she wanted to take revenge on Sheryl. On the other hand, she thought about dealing with Donna. And now she had one more opponent to deal with -- Ferry. And Ferry was a nightmare to Holley.

No matter how much she transformed herself, she would never have a chance of being able to rise above the masses as long as Ferry was there. She would always be a puppet in his hands.

"That year you killed dad, and you were put to death. Mom, I really don't know what to do now. I'm so tired. I don't know if I'm right or not if I continue to be like this." Holle

anything more to do with her. I won't ask for her help and neither will you."

Sue looked at Sheryl and added, "You should keep an eye on Holley. I have a kind of feeling that she might be up to something malicious for you."

"What are you talking about?" Sheryl looked at Sue in confusion and said, "There is nothing between us. We have no conflicting interest. Why would she do anything bad to me?"

"I don't know exactly what she is up to. But I have a strong intuition that she is certainly up to something not so pleasant." Sue did not have a substantial evidence so she could not say anything with enough certainty.

She looked at Sheryl and continued, "Anyhow, keep an eye on her. Don't trust her too much. It won't hurt you if you are a little careful."

"Fine." Sheryl looked at Sue and thought that there must be some misunderstanding between Sue and Holley. So she didn't have to take Sue's words seriously.

"But, then, what about your apartment? What are you going to do with it?" Sheryl looked at Sue and said, "Mimi, you can stay with us if you want. Or we can find another apartment. Right now, your apartment is taken by them. Are you really cool with that?"

"Of course not." Sue sneered and said to Sheryl in front of her, "But... Mr. Lu's idea is great. Sher, please talk to Mr. Lu. There is no time for us to lose. We can find other solutions if his idea doesn't work."

"Okay." Sheryl nodded her head.

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