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   Chapter 839 He Is Back

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The moment Holley looked at Sue, she knew it. The very brief words that Sue gave her were enough to tell her that something had changed between them. 'Something's not right, ' Holley thought.

She knew that she could make good use of Sue, and she did all that she could to drive a wedge between Sue and Sheryl. She had put in a good show and put tremendous effort to destroy the friendship between Sue and Sheryl. As long as she could keep Sue away from Sheryl, she could make her way to win her trust. It came as a complete surprise that her attempt to break them apart had actually brought Sue and Sheryl even closer. How could they act like nothing had happened between them?

Holley felt a roaring monster inside which nearly pushed her to act outrageously. The questions inside her head echoed in her ears, and each waited for an answer she couldn't even find. Why did she fail to separate them? She tried to find an explanation on why Sue showed no resentment with Sheryl despite everything that she had done to ruin their connection. The thought of being a failure hurt her pride, but she had to pretend it did not bother her. Behind her facade was a crazy woman eager to flip the world over to get the answer on how Sheryl beat her in this game of relationship.

She took a deep breath before she asked, "Sue, is there… anything bothering you?" Faking her tone came natural. No one should know that her intentions were never pure. All Holley needed to do was to maintain the good impression Sue had of her.

The least that she had expected was silence. It stirred her more that Sue seemed to have ignored her question. All she needed was a response from her to assess the situation, but Sue seemed to make it too difficult for her to get one. Holley tried asking her again, "Sue, did you not hear me earlier? I am sorry if I sound annoying but I am really worried about you. You do know that you can tell me anything, anything at all. I would be more than happy to sit down and listen if you need someone to talk to. All you have to do is to ask."

Sue looked at her with warm eyes and said, "Thank you, but I am really fine. Everything is good." It took Sue a lot of thinking before she made up her mind to keep her lips tight about her family issues. She found herself uneasy to let anyone know about it. "If there is nothing else, then I would be going now. Thank you, Miss Ye."

That was the last straw. Holley tried her best to control her emotion as Sue made her way out and closed the door. Her heart thumped so hard that she felt she was about to explode. She wanted to throw whatever object she could grab against the wall and imagined if the crash would give her satisfaction. No way could Sue just leave her defeated.

Holley still had her mournful look when George stepped into her office. "You look terrible. What did I miss?" he asked in a concerned tone.

"I just felt so stressed for some reason. It's no big deal." Holley found herself an easy excuse. George could be nosy at times and the last thing she needed was to explain herself.

? Her image would be ruined. She decided to lower her voice but retained the intensity of her questions. "Do you not fear for your life? After all the ruckus that you have made, do you think that Andy and Charles will just let it slip? You have the nerve to be running around the city. Are you out of your mind?"

"Yvonne, mind your language. I don't think that I need to remind you on who you are talking to. Do you think that I have forgotten how you and Leila messed the whole thing up? I would have not been hiding if it weren't for you!" Ferry stressed out.

"I..." Holley was rendered speechless. She composed her thoughts and replied in her defense, "I don't think that you should blame us for what happened in the past. We did try our best but it was just impossible to succeed given that she had too many people to protect her at the time. I doubt if we can still work out a plan to catch Sheryl alone now, since Charles has arranged an even larger group to make sure she's under his surveillance all the time."

"You should know how to play this game by now. If physical torture doesn't work, try a mental one." Ferry scoffed, "Think about it. You are her boss now. I hope you won't tell me that you can't even get such a simple thing done."

"I mean, don't get me wrong. I didn't mean that..." Holley started. She clearly needed to explain the reason behind her actions to this man but none of her hard work had actually given her anything to brag about. Ferry interrupted her abruptly, "Enough! I don't want to hear your useless excuses.

Now that I'm back, you better not waste your time. I want to see you get something done at least, otherwise…"

He was warning her. Knowing Ferry from before, she understood him so much that he didn't need to finish his sentences to clarify the consequences. She couldn't imagine her fate at the hands of this ruthless and cruel man. Failure was never an option.

He never took anything lightly -- there were more than a thousand ways he could think of and take action to torture her.

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