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   Chapter 836 Accepted Her Request

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Sue darted her eyes around the room as she gathered her thoughts. There were so many scenes that kept playing in her head. But all of them were just her wishful thinking, and this made her feel even sadder. She fixed her gaze on her hands that were clasped together in her lap, taking a moment to manage her conflicting thoughts and emotions. Then, she lifted her chin, looked steadily at Sheryl and continued in a low voice laced with helplessness, "But still, you and I, we are not the same."

Sue bitterly chuckled to herself. Her words continued to flow out unhurriedly, "You and Charles can keep your relationship going because you both deeply love each other. My relationship with Anthony is an entirely different story. I am madly in love with him, but that love is not being reciprocated. He does not love me the way I want him to love me. I want him to let me into his heart. As a result, we end with a break-up."

"No Sue, listen to me…" Sheryl reached out and grasped Sue's both hands in hers. Her eyes bore utmost concern, gauging Sue's eyes. In a soothing voice she said earnestly, "I have known Anthony for a long time, and I know his personality very well. He did not say anything because he's not sure about how he feels towards you. You have to give him a little bit more time. He will eventually figure out his own heart and soon realize how much you mean to him. Trust me on this."

"You don't have to console me, Sher," Sue said as she retracted her intent gaze from Sheryl. Sue's smile became ever more mournful. "I know us better. It's for the best that we let go early on."

Sue looked apologetically at Sheryl as she said, "It's late now. We should rest early." Her voice was soft and calm. Sheryl nodded her head absentmindedly as she watched Sue closely. Her mind was elsewhere as she pondered on her thoughts. She still wanted to say something to persuade Sue to think things over, but she got a hint that Sue did not want to talk about it any longer.

The room was illuminated by the outdoor lights. The soft glow created a pleasant and soothing ambiance for Sue. It was the most peaceful night that Sue had had in a long time, but still, her mind was fully wide awake. She tossed and turned for the whole night, and finally fell into deep slumber only when it was almost daybreak.

Sue was still sleeping when Sheryl woke up. She had hoped that Sue could finally get a good sleep, since she needed this the most now. Afraid that she might disturb Sue, she moved around cautiously so as not to create any unnecessary noise.

Since Shirley went to bed very early last night, she also woke up early in the morning and came to Sheryl's room. She was about to knock on the bedroom door, but Sheryl opened it before she could. She smiled at her daughter lovingly and whispered, "Shh. Shirley, you're a good

. He was getting impatient.

Sheryl asked Amy to look after Shirley and headed to Charles' company alone.

Although she had so many rehearsals done previously in Charles' company, Sheryl felt a slight change of mental attitude when she came this time around.

Perhaps it was basically because of the change in her identity.

The reception staff knew who Sheryl was. Once Sheryl entered the building, the receptionist immediately ushered her to the lift with a bright smile on her face. She then promptly called Charles' office to inform him of Sheryl's arrival.

On her way to Charles' office, everyone she passed by greeted her warmly. She was a little overwhelmed, but out of politeness, she still smiled back at every staff.

After a few minutes of non-stop greeting and smiling, she finally reached Charles' office. Charles was busy signing some documents. When Sheryl came in, he lifted his eyes to acknowledge her presence. He then smiled warmly and said, "Please have a seat, I will be done soon."

"Don't worry," Sheryl said as she found a spot and sat down.

"As for the supplier's side, remember to watch them closely. Don't let it go wrong again," Charles reminded David. Soon Charles was done with the paperwork. He then handed the documents to David and said, "Close the door when you leave."

"Yes, Mr Lu," David responded, not forgetting to greet Sheryl before he left.

Sheryl awkwardly glanced at Charles and seemed a little shy. "It's not like my visit here is something shady. The way you told him to close the door will probably cause some misunderstandings."

"It doesn't really matter," said Charles as he grinned at her. Charles did not care about what others would think. He was actually quite delighted that Sheryl had come here to look for him on her own will. He smiled and asked tenderly, "How come you have the time to look for me today?"

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