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   Chapter 834 A Gentle Reminder

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As Sheryl fell into silence, Peggy hastened to explain further. She kept looking at Sheryl's face trying to read her expression. As she noticed Sheryl becoming thoughtful, she immediately started speaking in order to stop Sheryl from reading too much into the matter. "Sue will give the money back to you for sure, I promise you. You should trust her. You are her best friend, aren't you?"

Sheryl's lips suddenly twisted in a mirthless smile. It did not take her long to realize what Peggy was targeting at. This old woman was just taking advantage of Sheryl's politeness and wanted to fraud her with despicable tricks. She was so greedy! She just wanted to extort money from her.

Peggy continued trying to put up a genuine and truthful expression on her face. "I have no one else to seek help from, Sher. That is the reason I am sharing my concern with you. Being Sue's best friend, you are just like my own daughter. I really don't want to trouble you or burden you. It's just that, I am just helpless. Will you..." Peggy was perturbed. But her reality was harsh; she was pushed up the wall. There was no alternative way for her other than trying to exploit whoever she could. She had to do it.

Also she had to be alert that Sue did not get to know about it. Because If Sue came to know that she borrowed some money from Sheryl, she would be furious and reject the money immediately. Given the recent condition of their relationship, she would not want a single penny from Sheryl. Peggy knew that she had to contrive in such a way that she would extort money from Sheryl and would not let Sue come to know about it.

"Could you please help me with that, Sher?" Peggy asked again as she pleaded, "I know you are a kind-hearted girl. Sue is just so conscious about her self-respect that she can't talk to you about the money no matter how much burdened she is. So I thought of talking to you it on her behalf. If you can help me with the money, it will be a great relief for her as well." Sheryl had become absolutely calm by now. As Peggy requested her, Sheryl gave her a meaningful glance and asked, "Well, Aunt Peggy, I am just wondering, is this your idea or Sue's? Just asking."

"It's mine," Peggy spoke with a solemn expression on her face. Peggy heaved a sigh in the most distressful manner, as if she was under a lot of pressure and resentful about Sue. "Since, you are Sue's friend, I have noting new to tell you about her temper. She is that kind of person who will never ask you for any help even if she is going to die. She is just so stubborn. But as her mother, I simply can't tolerate the fact that she will be under so much of financial burden because she needs this 500, 000. If she even comes to know anything about me borrowing money from you, she will be really annoyed with me."

"Yea, I know. It's true. She is like that." Sheryl generously agreed with Peggy's comment regarding Sue's personality. "As far as I know, she would never like to trouble anyone else except herself. She just wants to get through all the things

everything," Sue said as she walked out from the other room. As they were talking, Sue finished gathering all her belongings. Though she was truly reluctant and unwilling to move out, she had no other choice.

"Then we will leave now." Sheryl smiled and stood up as she prepared to leave. "Aunt Peggy, I hope that you would think through my words."

"Okay, noted," Peggy replied with a cold face and accompanied both of them out. The woman who did not spare a thought of concern towards Sue all her life, now pretended to be the most doting mother one could ever have. "Sue, take care of yourself. I know it is not easy for you."

"Alright, Aunt Peggy. Please stop here. No need to come after us. It is already very late. Hope you rest well tonight," Sheryl spoke with a big grin.

As they came out of the house, Sue didn't want to bother Sheryl any furhter and said, "Sher, it's late and you should go back now. Don't worry about me. I'll just find a hotel to sleep tonight and think about where to go tomorrow."

Sue wanted to be considerate for Sheryl, but Sheryl was not willing to leave her alone in the middle of the night.

"Sue, what do you mean by that?" Sheryl showed her discontent with a frown and asked, "Don't be ridiculous Sue. Why do you want to put up in a hotel? Come with me to my house."

"Sher, I didn't mean to reject your help." Sue tried to explain, "I just don't... want to cause you any more trouble."

Sue heaved a sigh and continued, "Because of me and Anthony, you even had to leave the dorm. You yourself don't have a place to go. How can I even add to your trouble?"

"It's no big deal." Holding Sue's hand, Sheryl offered, "Now I am living with my grandparents. They have a huge house. Don't worry. You can live there and sleep in my room."

"But..." Sue looked embarrassed and said in a worried tone, "I know your grandparents dislike me. They..."

"You don't have to worry about that," Sheryl assured Sue. "They are easy to get along with. Trust me. There will be no problem."

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