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   Chapter 833 Borrowing Money

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Sheryl stared at Peggy with utter disbelief. "Even though she is pregnant, that is not a reason at all for creating such trouble for others." Sheryl looked at Peggy who stood right in front of her looking distressed and counseled, "Aunt Peggy, I know how it is like to be pregnant. Even I have been through pregnancy. A pregnant woman can never be as vexatious as you said. The apartment is the dormitory arranged by the company for Sue. Now you come to live here, Sue has said nothing, but you still want to drive her out. Don't you think that is unfair?"

"Sher, you have no idea what's going on in our family." Peggy smiled bitterly and said to Sheryl, "Since Doris is pregnant now, she is the most precious one in the family. When she has asked for one thing, we cannot turn down her request, otherwise she will get angry and lose her temper, which in turn will affect the baby in her womb. And what if she flips out? The baby in her womb will get hurt as a result. That is something that I can not tolerate at any cost."

Peggy walked over, took Sue's hand and said, "Sue, do you think it is better for you to move out for the time being? When... When Doris has given birth to the baby, you can move back and do whatever you like. What do you think about that?"

"No way. If I move out now, would I ever have a chance to get back? Never." Sue turned her face away from Peggy and replied with a sneer.

"It is your apartment, Sue. Surely you can come back." Looking at Sue, Peggy seemed quite earnest and pleaded, "Sue, would you please... please do me a favor? Just after she gives birth to the baby, everything will be fine. I give you my words."

"And where will I go? Where do you expect me to live till the time Doris delivers the baby?" Sue gave a sarcastic smile as she felt agonized and said to Peggy, "Have you ever considered about me? Where can I live after I move out?" Sue repeated.

"You..." Peggy made a very sweet face and turned to Sheryl who was standing just next to her and said, "Sher, if I am not mistaken, you are Sue's friend, I think... she should be able to live with you for the time being, right? Sher, you just like a daughter to me. Would you please do me the favor? Will you please accommodate Sue to stay with you for a period of time? Is that okay?"

"What? How can you say that?" Sue returned with a frown, "Sher is also busy with work. She does not have the time and energy to arrange a living room for me."

"Sher, do you think that is okay with you?" Peggy repeated with an expectant smile on her face, and she could make out from Sheryl's appearance and gesture that she was too polite

fault, and I have such a son, good for nothing." Peggy bit her lips to show embarrassment and looked down at the floor for a moment. Then she took a deep sigh and continued, "I thank God for blessing me with such a sweet and caring daughter to help me solve some difficulties."

She took a glance at Sheryl, smiled and then looked ahead as she continued, "But five hundred thousand is not a small expense. I really have no way out and don't know what to do, so I am here to beg for your help. Do you think you can find out a way to help us?"

"My help?" The word 'help' struck Sheryl as a whip as she straightened her spine and looked at Peggy with a surprised face. She immediately asked, "What do you mean by that, Aunt Peggy?"

No matter how kind-hearted and benevolent Sheryl was, she could not promise to take out five hundred thousand to help anyone. Moreover, it was too ridiculous for Peggy to make such a request to Sheryl. That too when they just met for the first time today.

Peggy realized that she had perhaps quoted an unrealistic figure. Then she tried to cover up by saying, "Yes, I know it sounds odd that I am making such a demand to you. But I'm so afraid that I really don't know what to do." Peggy glanced at Sheryl and said in a pleading manner, "You are Sue's best friend. I really don't know who else I can turn to for help, except you."

Peggy once again heaved a sigh, "You are from Y City, and I can tell that you were born in a wealthy family. I am not asking you to give me the five hundred thousand. I just want to borrow it from you, so... can you find a way to lend me five hundred thousand?" Peggy stared at Sheryl with a lot of expectation in her eyes. Sheryl looked at her and was rendered completely speechless.

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