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   Chapter 832 Move Out

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Sheryl held Peggy's hand and said sweetly, "Aunt Peggy, just call me Sher." She and Sue might have had their differences, but she couldn't bear to see Sue getting bullied by her greedy, shameless family. She wanted to get on Peggy's good side so she could find her weakness and help Sue get rid of them.

Meanwhile, Allen tenderly helped Doris into a chair. As soon as Doris was seated, she looked up at Sue and commanded, "Hey! Get me a glass of water!" Her tone was rude and arrogant, as if Sue were her servant instead of the host. At home, she never did any housework, and here in Sue's house, she acted exactly the same way, even though she was only a guest.

Hearing Doris' words, Sheryl couldn't help frowning. 'This woman is really something, ' she thought. 'I have never met anyone so disrespectful to their future in-laws, and she has not even married to Allen yet!'

"Sher, why don't you come and take a seat," Peggy said warmly, as she reached out and pulled Sheryl into the seat next to her. Sheryl looked at Doris and asked casually, "She's pregnant, isn't she?" Doris' huge stomach made her condition obvious.

"Yes, four months pregnant! That's why I want them to hold the wedding ceremony as soon as possible, before her stomach gets too big to be hidden." Peggy's entire face lit up happily as she talked. She treated Doris much better than she treated her own daughter because she was pregnant with the Wang bloodline.

"Four months? I thought it was much more than that!" Sheryl blurted, staring at Doris' tummy. Then she quickly clapped her hand to her mouth as she realized what she had just said.

Doris' face went pale as all the blood drained out of her face. Her hands shook even as she slammed her chopsticks down on the table and demanded, "What are you trying to say? Are you implying that the baby is not Allen's?" She was terrified that they would find out the truth and she automatically became defensive before this strange woman ended up giving away her secret.

"Calm down, Doris. That's not what Sher means," Sue immediately came to the rescue. She could suffer Doris' treatment in silence, but she wasn't going to let her mistreat Sheryl, too.

Peggy frowned in confusion and asked, "Why are you so worried?" She noticed that Doris' face had now turned red, which made her wonder if Sheryl had accidentally hit on the truth.

Doris finally realized that she was acting strangely and could potentially give herself away. She quickly returned to her seat in embarrassment and smiled sheepishly. Like a good fiance, Allen held her hand supportively but his efforts seemed futile. Doris' face still had a sour expression written all over it.

Sheryl observed the look on Doris' face and thought it was a strong indicator of the younger woman's guilt.

It was just a careless statement, yet produced such a big reaction. 'Is there a possibility that the baby is not Allen's?' she thought.

'If it isn't, then things are going to get interesting.'

"Sue, come and join us! Here, take a seat." Sheryl pulled Sue's hand and nudged her into the seat next to her. It was unbearable to watch Sue hurrying here and there serving everyone while the rest of her family didn't even lift a finger to help her. It was as though she was th

n Wang, how dare you!" Sue howled at him. She seemed to be close to attacking him but Peggy quickly intervened. "Doris, you must be tired. Why don't you let Allen take you to bed so both of you can have a good rest? Let me handle this." She knew her daughter well. Doris' presence and provocative words would only make things harder.

"Alright," Doris gave a small nod and replied. She didn't care how it was done, as long as she got what she wanted. All that mattered was the result, and if she didn't have to be a part of the process, then better still.

Since the old woman said she was going to handle Sue, so be it. It was none of her business now, all she had to do was follow Allen back to their room.

Once they were gone, Sue whirled around to face Peggy. "Peggy Li! What do you mean by this? Was that your intention all along? To gain my pity and then drive me out of my own house!?"

"Sue, of course I don't want to chase you out. But you have to understand, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, I can't let my grandchild grow up without a proper home. On the other hand, I don't want my own daughter to be homeless either," she said in a melancholic tone that deceived nobody. Sheryl was still there so she was still playing nice. She hoped that this sad display would make it easier to borrow money from Sheryl when the time came. She laughed sadly and said, "No mother can bear to see their child suffering, Sue. You have to understand this is a very hard decision for me."

Sue laughed coldly. "Do you really think I'm a fool? You can stop the drama right here. We both know you really want me to move out and leave this apartment for your son. In fact, you can't wait for me to move out too, am I right?" She was getting sick of Peggy's games. It was bad enough that they were trying to chase her out, but Peggy's fake act was making things 100 times worse.

"Do you really think of your mother as such a malicious person?" Peggy put on a hurt expression and retorted in a low voice. She heaved a deep sigh and said, "Sue, Doris is your future sister-in-law, and heavily pregnant too on top of that. Don't argue with her on this, please."

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