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   Chapter 831 I'm Not Leaving

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"Did you ever intend on telling me?" Sheryl was fumed at Sue. "So, if I didn't come today, you would have never told me?" Sheryl failed to contain her anger as she pointed at herself. "Am I unworthy of your trust? Do my words mean nothing?"

"I told you so many times already. This is my business." Sue sighed heavily, and pinched the bridge of her nose, frustrated at how Sheryl was reacting. Then she turned her eyes on Sheryl. "Leave. There's nothing here that concerns you."

"I can't just leave! I'm not leaving." Sheryl shook her head firmly. "As I said, I never blamed you for what happened between you and Anthony."

Sheryl then smiled wryly and added, "I… I was never in the position to blame you at all…" She glanced to the side as her eyes displayed full melancholy. "Anthony's… Anthony's been my nominal boyfriend for three years now and he's a really great guy but… I don't know… Just never fell for him. Especially when I knew he might have done something."

Sheryl then took a deep breath and gazed into Sue's eyes. "I've never harbored any feelings for him so… I want you to chase your happiness." Sheryl weakly laughed. "No one has the right to take other's happiness away from them, you know?"

"Sheryl…" Sue felt her heart ache at Sheryl's earnest words as she looked into Sheryl's eyes as well. "I know you just want to make me feel better but I…" Sue averted her gaze away from Sheryl and continued, "But I just can't help but feel sorry for you… I'm even ashamed to see you…" She then made a pause.

"I mean… You've seen my family…" Sue went on and started to rub her arm as she wore a bitter smile. "M-Maybe this is what I deserve… It's karma…"

"Hey, come on. Don't be so down in the dumps." Sheryl flashed Sue a reassuring smile and placed a hand on Sue's shoulder. "Don't worry. I'm here. I won't allow any of those people to even lay a single finger on you."

Sheryl was clueless as to why she was greatly concerned about Sue when she had decided to have a proper closure with her. But when she knew that Sue's family had antagonized her. Sheryl suddenly seemed to put the pieces together as to what Sue had done about Anthony.

Sue was silently dreaming to have a warm home of her own. She desired to be loved and cared for as that was she had lacked throughout her entire life.

This was one of the reasons why Sue was truly indignant at Sheryl for her attitude towards Anthony. Sue was incredibly offended that Sheryl had owned everything Sue had wanted, but never even batted an eye to them.

"Sher, don't be so gullible," Sue whispered to Sheryl. The profiles of her mother and her brother appeared in her mind and she felt her whole body convulse in agony. 'If only it were that easy to be with Anthony…' Sue thought with a silent smile on her face. 'But it looks like Peggy and Allen want to destroy every single dream I have…'

Peggy's and Allen's mere presence never failed to drill it against her head that she was never going to be anything more than just a woman that once resided

use and only temporary lodging for you." "Well, you know how frighteningly smart my mother could be. It won't be long until she finds out she's been deceived." Sue folded her arms, vexed. "And also, that girl I picked up, I didn't talk to her but everything about her just screamed 'shrewd.' I wouldn't want to think about what'd happen to me if they band up together."

Sheryl flashed a smile of reassurance and placed a hand on Sue's shoulder. "Don't forget that I'm here for you. We'll figure out a way to deal with those creatures. Together." Sue's lips tugged upwards. "Yeah, together," she stressed.

Despite neither of them bearing any excellent ideas during the time they spent together, Sue felt as if a big load was taken off of her shoulder as she learned that she wasn't fighting alone anymore, and that she had someone to lean on.

Dinner was eventually ready, and thus Sheryl and Sue asked for Peggy, Allen, and Doris to come dine in.

Sheryl feigned that she knew nothing about the issue regarding Sue and wore a bright smile. "Aunt Peggy. I cooked dinner today. Let's eat!" she cried.

"My, my. You seldom come over and yet here you are, cooking us a scrumptious looking dinner!" Peggy chuckled, full of smiles.

"Aww, don't mention it, Aunt Peggy." Sheryl modestly returned the smile and said, "It's the least I could do! I am Sue's best friend, so her family is like my family as well!" Sheryl then rushed to the table that Sue was in the middle of setting, and pulled a chair out for Peggy, saying, "So please, don't just stand there and let's eat!"

Sue remained perfectly silent and continued to do her job, just like how a robot would do. Peggy bristled at Sue's silence, but she kept her fury in check as Sheryl was in the area. She then sat herself down on the chair Sheryl had pulled out for her. Eying on Sue sharply, she grunted, "You should learn from Miss Xia here. If you were just half as sweet as her, maybe I wouldn't just be smiling but laughing when I wake up from my sleep."

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