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   Chapter 828 Doris

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"Please do not misinterpret me. I was just concerned about my dear daughter, Sue. I didn't mean anything else." Peggy heaved a sigh and explained herself further to Sheryl, "I think that you may believe that I have not been a good mother all these years. I was totally unaware of how she was doing. I know I may have neglected her feelings, but I hope to make it up to her now. That's why I wanted to talk to you. I just wanted to know more about her life."

Peggy even managed to squeeze some crocodile tears out, as if she cared for her daughter to the point that she could not help but cry. The act looked genuine that it would have easily deceived any spectator. Who would doubt the overwhelming love and concern of a crying mother? Luckily, Sue had already given Sheryl an understanding on Peggy's true colors during their previous discussions.

Noticing that Sheryl was not at all moved, she began to act further. "Sue has always been a considerate daughter. She would only tell us the good but hide the bad. She told me that she bought the house on her own, and that she has been doing well. To me, that's apparently not true. How is it possible for her to get all the money to buy a big house like this at such a young age? Do you know whether she is involved in any monkey business?"

"Aunt Peggy..." Peggy's words confirmed Sheryl's suspicion that she was lying. All the while she was just trying to trick Sheryl into telling her about Sue's money. Sheryl felt miserable enough on what she had gone through, until she met Peggy. Now she felt even more miserable for Sue, whose mother spared no effort to exploit her own daughter.

'At least my family treat me well. Luckily, I do not have to take extra caution when I'm with my family, ' she thought.

"You are right, Aunt Peggy. Sue is so kind and considerate that she lied to you about her true financial condition. This house is not hers. How can she even afford it?" Sheryl smiled politely to Peggy. She was testing the waters.

They were too busy that they never even noticed that another person had stepped into the room. Allen just got back and after he heard Sheryl's confirmation that the house was not Sue's, he couldn't help having his nasty thoughts. "Then could it be that she found herself a sugar daddy?"

As he spoke, he could hardly contain the excitement which was clearly written on his face. It was as if he was eager to hear a positive answer from Sheryl.

"What are you talking about?" Sheryl was obviously annoyed and defended firmly for Sue, "You think Sue is such a person?"

"Stop talking nonsense!" Peggy pushed Allen away. She was this close to getting Sheryl to spill the beans, only to be interrupted by her dear son. After a few nudges, she was able to make sure that Allen wouldn't disturb her again, she then turned to Sue and explained, "Sheryl, please don't take his words seriously. We know that Sue is not the kind of person who would do anything for money. As a p

e to visit you. Why don't we have a meal together with this affectionate girl?"

Peggy grinned at Sheryl, trying to persuade her as well, "Girl, you don't mind this, do you? Not as fancy as a feast, just a casual home-cooked meal."

"No need..." Sue knitted her brows unnaturally. She just wanted to fulfill her purpose -- chase Sheryl out of the house so as to prevent her from spilling the beans to her mother -- as soon as possible. She answered on behalf of Sheryl, "She's quite busy. She wouldn't have time to stay here for a meal."

"Yes, I'm free. I can make time for the meal," Sheryl said otherwise. "Thanks for your invitation." Sheryl agreed. She had already detected something by now. Peggy was cooking something up. She wouldn't give her a treat without any hidden agenda. Now, Sheryl wanted to figure out what the agenda was.

Peggy's face lit up with a sense of satisfaction. She intended to turn over Sue's lukewarm response to Sheryl's visit. "You need to learn how to treat people well, my child. Now, go and cook the meal, please. I'm going to have some chitchat with her."

"Oh it's okay, Aunt Peggy." Sheryl gave Peggy an ever-so-polite smile. "I remember Sue is not so sophisticated with cooking. I can help her with that. By the way, I can cook very delectable dishes."

Sheryl and Sue went to the kitchen together. Allen was over the moon due to Doris' presence. He simply couldn't suppress his enthusiasm to her. "Do you feel tired, Doris? May I wash an apple for you?"

"No, thanks. I have no appetite for that at the moment." Unlike the majority of the countryside girls, Doris was blessed with soft, tender skin like that of newborn babies. She only gave Allen an annoyed glance, her voice hostile as she said, "Let's keep in a safe distance. I'm pregnant, and I'm afraid that you'll scare my baby."

"Oh don't be so nervous. I surely won't do that." Allen immediately explained, "How can I scare my own baby? I have no reason to do so."

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