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   Chapter 827 Peggy's Weird Questions

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Roger sighed upon hearing her denial. "Helin, here's the thing. I already know." He added indifferently, "All my work plans have been cancelled. If everything is alright like you said, this shouldn't have happened."

"What?" She didn't even know what he was talking about. "Oh my god, he's gone too far."

Helin consoled Roger, "Don't worry. I am going to talk about this matter with my father right now!

"Helin." He stopped her. "Don't, Helin. I'm actually alright with this whole arrangement. I've always been busy at the company, so I'm taking the chance to get some rest for a few days."

Roger heaved a deep sigh and added, "The only thing I worry about is you. I want to know if you are alright. Did your father scold you?"

Helin was happy to hear his concern for her. She couldn't understand why Heron just couldn't accept Roger for who he was -- he was perfect in her eyes.

She put aside feeling bad for him and merely answered, "Don't worry. I'm fine, really.

He won't punish me harshly, even if he thinks I've made a mistake. He's my father."

"Okay, then." Roger let out a sigh of relief. "I've booked a ticket to fly out tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?"

Helin wanted to go with him, of course, but in light of what just happened, she had to refuse. She smiled resentfully and answered, "Sorry, I just can't right now, with this whole situation going on. Have fun, though, you deserve the break. When you come back, I hope everything gets settled."

"I do hope so," Roger sighed. "Anyway, it's late now. Time to go to bed. Off you go. Good night."

As soon as he hung up the phone, the cold sneer made its way to his face.

Meanwhile, in BM Corporation, the work in Shining Company was over, and all the models were heading back.

Sue, however, didn't show up the first day after their return.

Sheryl thought she would be able to offer Sue some more help

back soon. You can wait here."

She gave Allen a hard nudge. "What are you doing? Bring our guest some tea!"

She sure was trying hard to seem friendly, Sheryl thought. "Are you close with Sue, Miss?"

"Yes, I am." She nodded. "I've known her for years. We're good friends."

"So… You do know about her condition, then?" Peggy asked Sheryl cautiously.

Sheryl paused for a moment to consider how she should answer the woman. In the end, she thought she might as well just answer honestly. She wasn't completely sure how to judge these people, but at the very least, they were Sue's relatives. "Yes." She looked at Peggy in confusion, wondering what her motives were.

"As a model, Sue must have earned quite a sum of money these past years, right?" she asked Sheryl, her eyes looking greedy. Sue had always told her she didn't have much money with her, but Peggy never believed a word. She thought she could take this opportunity and verify that Sue was deceiving her. "Rent for this house must be really expensive, hmm?" she added, with a suggestive tone.

Sheryl narrowed her eyes at the questions. It was strange for her to be asking about money as soon as she met Sheryl, instead of asking about her daughter. "Why are you asking this?" Sheryl asked.

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