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   Chapter 825 Heron’s Adamancy

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5910

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"I will support you financially!" Helin exaggeratingly replied, "Roger, I love you because of your personalities. You are optimistic, dedicated, and responsible enough to excel over your colleagues. Because of these, I have a desire for you.

Besides, I do not deny the fact that we have a big difference in terms of social status. But I think that made you strive harder and achieve getting ahead of your colleagues." Helin continued, "If my Dad remains stubborn, I will not hesitate to compete with him. As a last resort, you may take me anywhere you want to seek fortune. I strongly believe this matter will be perfectly solved!"

She brushed Roger's hand affectionately and continued, "Or better yet we may flee with my jewels and accessories. We can sell those to sustain our lifetime."

"Stop your fantasy!" Roger gathered his words as he caressed Helin's hair and then said, "You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and I think you are not destined to have a simple life with me!"

Once, Roger had lived in poverty and had a miserable life.

"I am willing to face anything even suffering if that's what can bring us together!" Firmness was clearly noticeable on Helin's face as she expressed those words.

With that, Roger forced a smile and said, "Helin, you are too innocent and young to involve yourself in this stressful situation!"

Helin took again Roger's hand with a painted hope in her eyes and begged, "Roger, you don't have to worry because I will do everything to get my Dad's approval of our relationship."

"If... If he remains adamant, we may escape in a worthwhile manner. I believe we can clear up this situation!" Helin said with a gentle smile on her innocent face.

She gave Roger an endearing hug and said, "Now, I have

hurt you beyond measure. And to tell you, I am experienced enough to see the real him. Think of my advice and stay away from him to avoid future troubles..."

"No! I won't split with Roger!" Helin broke free of her father's hand and swore to stay close to Roger under any circumstance.

She looked at her father with a growing bitterness and said harshly, "You could not see how ideal and worthy he is so you have no right to criticize him.

Honestly speaking, I am destined to be with his company no matter what will happen!" A cold smile came out of Helin's face and she threatened to betray her father who would hinder her love for Roger.

"How dare you argue with me like this?" Feeling disappointed, Heron felt his love to his daughter backfired.

He looked at his daughter helplessly and said, "My dear daughter, since your mother's passing, I have showered love and care upon you in a bid to make up for your loss of maternal love. I catered for your every whim which resulted in your tenacity and vulnerability. Now there is one point you must understand that I won't permit your continued contact with Roger. He will bring more despair than blessings to you!"

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