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   Chapter 824 Roger’s Inducement

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6660

Updated: 2019-04-07 06:45

Roger developed no liking toward Helin, despite the fact that she had brought him many pleasant opportunities in his career.

He was thoroughly upset with Heron threatening him to walk out of his daughter's life because of his underprivileged social status. It hurt his feelings and his dignity, indeed.

'What justifies Heron's superiority over me? How could he talk to me like that!'

Roger thought defiantly.

Although Heron threatened to ruin his career, he decided to turn the table around.

Roger's face had turned grim and he was unusually silent, which scared Helin. She stood by his side for quite some time waiting for him to say something. Then she broke the silence and said, "Roger, what are you thinking of? Do not fall into silence!" Still Roger remained motionless. Helin became impatient. She touched Roger's hand and asked eagerly, "What happened to you? Is it due to my Dad's inappropriate remarks?"

"Helin...." Roger frowned and shrugged off Helin's hand. Then he pretended to talk to Helin in a very grave voice without making eye contact with her, "I think... we had better keep a distance among each other."

"Why?" Helin was initially taken aback by his words. Then she lowered her eyes feeling embarrassed and guilty of her father's behavior and added, "I had planned to introduce you into starring the hot series as a birthday gift to you, least expecting..."

What Helin least expected was Heron's denial of her proposal. She could not figure out why her father had dismissed Roger who was a leading actor of Auspice Film Company.

"Roger, I am fully aware of your eagerness to distinguish yourself and cherish our time spent together, but..." Helin forced a smile and continued apologetically, "I am absolutely confused about my Dad's rough dismissal of you. I am sure there must be some misunderstanding. But you relax. I will try my best to facilitate your starring career!"

Helin touched Roger's hands once again, seized with a deep fear that Ro

to my Dad's personal attacks on you?"

Roger glanced at Helin pretending to be embarrassed and replied with all his modesty, "Whatever your Dad decides for you is for your own good. You should learn to understand him..."

"Sheer nonsense!" Helin interrupted Roger and continued defiantly, "I am old enough to decide what is good for me and what is not. I don't need to just follow his verdict about my life. After all it is my life!"

"Helin, my dear." Roger glanced at Helin and said in a very polite voice, "Being capricious and willful is your nature as your Dad is always tolerant of you. But by no means would I contradict your Dad, because he can give me a fatal blow anytime."

Roger forced a smile and continued, "Please try to understand, Helin. I have been struggling very hard to reach where I am today. The pains of the journey are simply unexplainable through words. And our continued romance would be met with your Dad's cruelty against me! Can you make sense of it?"

Roger, seeing Helin somewhat moved by his words, continued, "As far as you are concerned, you are very well aware that it is difficult to sustain popularity in this profession. I have to make efforts to be in the right place, at the right time if I want to be with the right people. Without that I will fall into a helpless oblivion!"

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