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   Chapter 820 Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7662

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Peggy paused for a few seconds, and then continued, "As for the wedding, the girl's family prefers it to be held in Y City. The venue has already been established. We met with the event planner a few days ago and asked for a budget. We will need about 200, 000 dollars. So you have to get the money ready. Oh, and yes, you need to keep 100, 000 more on reserve in case they decide to start a family right away."

Without even consulting Sue on her thoughts, Peggy stated, "So it's settled then."

As soon as she finished saying that, Peggy glanced around the house and added, "You know, this house is a little small but it's enough for your brother and his wife to live in. After the baby is born, I can sleep on the couch and help them take care of their child."

Fed up, Sue began arguing, "Is that how it is, huh? You came here just for taking away my apartment! To convince me to marry the idiot! And betrothal gifts... They're all a means to your real end, aren't they?!"

Peggy was not about to back down from that argument. "What's the point of holding onto these things? Just go get the money ready. We only have 15 days left till the wedding. You don't have much time."

"What makes you think I will pay for his wedding?" retaliated Sue. She was slowly falling into despair thinking about the entire situation. After all, she was only another regular person living day by day. Frustrated by Peggy's ridiculous requests, she tried to get her to be rational. "Where do you want me to get all this money from? Are you trying to ruin me?

Even this apartment is given to me by my company. If you all move here, what about me? What shall I do then?"

"Easy. Go find another place to live by yourself," Peggy answered impatiently. "You were financially on your own at an early age. You'll figure out a way, won't you? Worst-case scenario... You can borrow money from your friends. I'm sure you'll manage," she added.

Exasperated, Sue shouted, "How can you be so... ugh! Can't you see the situation you're putting me in?"

"Stop exaggerating!" Peggy commanded. She then sighed, in an effort to compose herself. She paced over to the window and, on a lower tone, asserted, "I have called Doris, your brother's girlfriend. She will come tomorrow. Make sure your house is spotles

nd, upon recognizing Roger's face, she replied, "No, I just... don't like these events very much."

"Neither do I," he mentioned. Smiling, Roger sat down beside her and explained, "I have no choice, though. Being in this industry, people expect these things from you. All these celebrities and dignitaries are also here because that's what is expected of them. Sure, they enjoy socializing to a point, but how much of that is real, I couldn't tell you."

Sheryl glanced sideways at Roger. She hadn't seen him for three years. He had changed quite a bit.

Trying to escape the silence, Roger quickly changed the subject, "You know what? Today is my birthday." He let out a deflated laugh and continued, "The brokerage company told me that I'd better hold a party to celebrate the occasion. But I know it's all for their own benefit. Look at that fat man over there. That's the director of my next play and, over there, the producer. All these are people I need to butter up and please."

Puzzled by his confession, Sheryl turned her full body to face him. She then asked, "So you're not enjoying yourself? This doesn't make you happy?"

"Happy?" he replied with a surprised tone. He looked her deeply in the eyes and began answering with a serious face, "It's impossible to be happy if you're part of this industry. The gossip and rumors that you hear within these social circles only show the tip of the iceberg. The reality is much darker. If you want to survive in this world, you have to claw your way above them."

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