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   Chapter 819 Peggy’s True Intentions

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Peggy held back no effort or energy in the several minutes in which she proceeded to beat on Sue. She had actually tired herself out because the emotion she felt was just that strong in that moment. As she made her way to the couch, she spoke very harshly to Sue, "This matter is settled. You better go back for the marriage or I promise you I will make you regret it."

"I won't, under any circumstance, do something like that!" Sue flashed an unapologetic smile and remained steadfast, despite Peggy's unbridled rage.

"You..." Peggy's eyes gleamed with a raging fire of discord. Words could not express the magnitude of the sheer indignation Peggy felt in that instant. Just as quickly as it had occurred, she regained her composure, and attempted to pacify Sue with kind words, "You are my daughter, after all. If you remain unwilling to marry, there is some room."

Sue grew suspicious of Peggy's motives and became increasingly aware of the fact that her words seemed kind, but there was an eerie undertone that could only be perceived as contention.

She glanced at Peggy, who said, "Sue, now you are living in comfort and luxury, however, Allen and I are dwelling in the backcountry. There are grounds for me to take it from you."

Peggy smiled coldly and said, "Now, I've decided that Allen and I will live here. And you should simply transfer the ownership of this apartment to Allen, who will then be able to experience the privilege of an urban dweller and who has the opportunity to facilitate his marriage, which is sure to follow soon ."

Sue smiled coldly as she realized Peggy's true intentions regarding the seizure of her apartment.

Sue felt very happy with the fact that her busy schedule had rendered her apartment unregistered.

Peggy's previous efforts to find t

t I have been."

Peggy did see the merit in Sue's analysis but hardly resigned herself to the defeat.

She glanced at Sue and asked, "So what do you suggest I do? Feel free to speak your mind!"

"I suggest..." Sue paused briefly and then continued, "You come back with Allen and I give you an extra 1, 000 on a monthly basis. Doesn't that sound like a solution that you can live with?"

"Definitely not!" Peggy remained adamant. "Allen is developing a romantic relationship with a girl, who requests nothing but an urban house in which to marry him. Besides, the girl is expecting a child and the wedding shall be put together rather urgently. The expenses of wedding shall be solely provided by you. Last but not least, you must find and provide a house for them."

"That is preposterous!" Sue was appalled by Peggy's complete disregard for anything she had said and complained, "Peggy Li, how could you expect so much of me? Right now, I am financially incapable to do that!"

"That sounds like a personal problem!" Peggy smiled a malicious smile and replied, "Considering the severity and urgency of the current situation, Allen and I will be living here so that we can rectify it."

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