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   Chapter 817 Stop Wasting Your Breath

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After Sue had finished talking, the awkwardness on Peggy's face was obvious. She looked at Sue and asked, "Sue, do you really need to speak to your mother in a such a hurtful manner? I know I haven't been a good mother. I realize now that I've made so, so many mistakes. If I could turn back time, I would never do any of those terrible things to you. I have truly realized the error of my ways. Could you please forgive me? Give your mother a second chance, would you?"

"Forgive you?" Sue scoffed. "Do you really think it's that simple? If 'sorry' could fix anything, we wouldn't need any policemen or any sort of justice system in the world!"

Peggy looked uneasy. She had known from the start that this visit was not going to go smoothly and already prepared herself mentally for every single situation she could imagine. No, she could not give up so easily. If she had to face these words from her daughter, she was willing to do it.

Sue looked at Peggy and asked coolly, "So, what do you want this time? Just get straight to the point, before I ask you to leave."

A look of viciousness flashed across Peggy's face as her daughter's words triggered her anger and hatred. Somehow, she managed to regain control of her emotions just in time. She faked a caring, motherly tone as she asked, "Sue, you've been on your own for the past few years. How have you been?"

"I'm sure you can see for yourself," Sue shot back. She then continued with a scornful look, "I've been surviving on my own ever since I moved out as a teen, remember? Everything that I have today is a result of my own blood, sweat and tears. I never once mentioned my miseries, sorrow and pain to you. I never even wanted you to find out. To be honest, I actually think my life would have been much better without you and Allen."

"I know, honey. I know life hasn't been easy for you." Peggy faked an understanding smile. "Sue, I believe that you've been living quite comfortably these past few years, right? You must have had the opportunity to save up some money, am I right?"

"What do you mean by that?" Sue asked sharply, recognizing the look of greed on her mother's face. "What in the world do you want from me exactly? Why are you even here?"

"Oh, calm down. I don't mean anything," Peggy chuckled. She tried to rephrase herself, "I couldn't help noticing that your house is well-furnished and you have designer clothes in your wardrobe. All those don't come cheap. So I just made an educated guess, that you're doing quite well for yourself. Aren't you?"

ou! How can you be so inconsiderate? This is your own younger brother, who shares flesh and blood with you! How could you say such things?"

"Oh I see. So you want me to stop bad-mouthing him, mother dearest?" Sue questioned sarcastically. "You were there yesterday when he hit me, right? Why didn't you stop him then?

What's the difference between these two situations?" Dissatisfied, Peggy argued, "You can't compare yourself with Allen! You are a woman. When you get married, you become a part of your husband's family. Allen is different. He is a man, the only man in our family. Since your father is gone, we need him to pass down the Wang bloodline. You have to understand that."

Red with anger, Sue scoffed incredulously, "So since he is a male, everything he does is right while everything I do is wrong, is that it? Is that the difference between male and female children?"

"You are his older sister. How can you be so calculative?" Peggy was furious.

Realizing she still needed Sue's help, she tried to smoothen things. "I'm not here to argue with you."

"Mom, why are you still wasting your breath on her?" Allen's voice shouted suddenly. Even though he had gone into his room, he had glued his ear to the door the whole time, desperate to know what his mother and his sister were saying. He had heard every single insult Sue had said about him and could no longer tolerate it. He rushed out and reminded Peggy, "Mom, don't forget the reason why we are here. Hurry up and get it over with."

"Go back inside, honey." Peggy pushed Allen back into the room and told him, "Don't worry. Your mom has everything under control. Just stay in the room and wait for the good news."

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