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   Chapter 816 Peggy’s Make-believe

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Sue was lying on the ground. Her eyes glared with total defiance at Allen. Though she struggled for breath, she was invulnerable. She could no longer feel the excruciating pain that was tormenting her whole being. After taking her time to gather her thoughts, she then steeled herself; holding Allen's gaze, she cried, "Why don't you kill me? So we can end this entirely!"

"There is no use for you to challenge me!" Allen yelled at her. He tentatively took a step and turned his back away from her. He quickly retired into the couch. Leaning forward slightly, he glanced at Sue contemptuously and hissed menacingly, "This is not yet the perfect day to kill you! We will get there. Don't worry!"

Sue, who was in a trance, slowly forced a smile as the cold realization set in. She knew that more suffering would come her way.

She continued to stare at the wall facing her till her eyes grew heavy. But how could she sleep when her mind was still fully awake? Thinking of the possible ordeal waiting for her the next day, she forced herself to get some sleep. She would need all the energy she could get to survive the day tomorrow.

Peggy was too absorbed in satisfying her vainglory. She was oblivious to what was happening outside Sue's bedroom. She was stretching her whole body comfortably in Sue's Simmons bed. Her face was bearing a smug look as her eyes carefully roam around the room afraid to miss even the slightest detail. When her gaze landed on Sue's closet, she began to rummage the neat pile of clothing. After finding a beautiful set of Sue's pajamas, she hastily slipped it on and happily admired her reflection in the mirror. With a satisfying grin on her lips, she finally sprawled herself on the bed and slept soundly.

The next day, Peggy woke up with a start. She reluctantly got up. After relieving herself in the bathroom, she then headed out to find Sue still sleeping. Peggy deliberately roused her and demanded her to prepare some breakfast.

Sue was startled and bolted upright immediately when Peggy's voice rang in her ears. She had to shrug off the lingering sleepiness in her head. Closing her eyes for a brief moment as if she was drawing in her inner strength, she then sluggishly made her way to the kitchen and started cooking with whatever available in her apartment's refrigerator.


atched the way the duo acted. It irked her. But when Peggy motioned her to sit beside her, Sue was way more mentally prepared for Peggy's trick disguised by tenderness.

Sue, who maintained her calm and collected composure, slowly steered herself towards the couch but chose to sit afar from Peggy.

She looked at Peggy indifferently and quickly said, "Blurt it out. Get down to business and quit beating around the bush!"

Peggy, sensing Sue's irritation, edged her way toward Sue to facilitate the talk. She ignored the scowling expression plastered in Sue's pretty face.

Sue was getting impatient. She immediately opened her mouth and talked to Peggy in a frank manner, "Peggy Li, spare yourself the trouble of this make-believe, which nearly drove me to marry that old wifeless man. Now... I won't be taken in! Not anymore."

Sue had recalled all the memories in her mind. But she had no slightest sadness in reviving her painful past.

She was a survivor. And she had been accustomed to living in pain.

"Sue, it is I who failed you..." Peggy gently said as she reached out grasping Sue's hands. And then she succumbed to tears. Seeing Peggy in that state only aroused Sue's sarcasm even more.

Sue knew if Peggy was to be an actress, she could be able to grab the best actress award.

"Stop your pretension! It only sickens me!" Sue cut in on Peggy's impressive act. "I have seen through you. You prized Allen over me. And I am nothing short of a tool you leverage to serve your end. I least expect your maternal love and affection!"

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