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   Chapter 815 A Good Beating

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Charles was losing himself in the lingering scent that came from Sheryl. His breath became quicker and searing. Sheryl, who was in shock and amazement just a moment ago, was gradually immersed in a deep and passionate kiss.

Charles' kiss deepened and became hungrier. After a good while, he realized that he had an erection. "Damn!" he cursed angrily and released Sheryl from his arms.

Sheryl blushed. She cast a furtive glance at Charles, but had no idea how to deal with such a situation. "I... I'll go now," she whispered, embarrassed and shy.

Then she immediately opened the door and pretty much ran away.

Charles struggled to get back his breath as he fixed his eyes on Sheryl from the car window. A smile of satisfaction broke on his lips. From the kiss, he was sure that Sheryl could not only get intimate with him but even enjoyed it.

This made his heart spring with joy.

Since the time Sheryl flung open the car door and escaped, she did not look back even for once. She ran straight back to her bedroom, rushed to the bathroom, and stood in front of the mirror.

She had a myriads of conflicting emotions colliding on one another. She should have been angry, or at least surprised, at the unexpected kiss, but the woman in the mirror was just flushed with shyness and showed no other expression. She tried to blame herself but her heart defied her with all its might. It just wanted to sing a happy song. She could not stop smiling. She tried to look strict but her face defied. It sported a sense of completeness and bliss that it had been missing for years.

She squeezed her cheek and scolded herself, "Sheryl, what's wrong with you? Get sober."

Then she took a shower to calm herself down. As the water fell on her face and glided over her lips, she could not stop herself from closing eyes and feeling the warmth of Charles' lips on hers once again. She had just sat down in bed after the shower when her cell phone rang. It was a short text from Charles, saying, "Good night."

Holding her phone in both hands, Sheryl stared at the text message and giggled for a while.

Sue didn't go straight home after she left the party. Her house that once gave her a sense of security had been acquired by people who would do everything to deny the slightest peace of mind for her. After walking along the street for a long time and feeling the wind on her face, Sue realized that she had to go back to her house even though she didn't want to.

Where else could she go? Her brain prompted her to move towards her house while her feet refused to take a single step in that direction.

'There is no place for me in such a big city. How ridiculous!' she thought, feeling deeply aggrieved.

Even after reaching her apartment, she stood downstairs for a long time. She wanted to stay away as long as she could. She did

my money and ran away. The man you were supposed to get married to demanded his money from me. But where would I get the money? He almost maimed me. Open your eyes and look at my leg! Look! I'm still not able to walk properly. It was all because of you. All your fault!" Allen thundered.

Sue was choking under Allen's tight grip. She gasped and struggled desperately to loosen his grip. He let out another dirty smile and continued in a cold and hissing voice, "So, you owe me. Do you understand? Don't play tricks with me, or else you will have to repent."

After the threat, Allen threw Sue back on the ground as he released her. Sue coughed and recovered from choking. After catching a few breaths she felt better. Then she looked up at Allen and spoke in a croaked voice that happened due to the prolonged pressing on her vocal chord. "You brought this on yourself. How could you even think of selling me for money just because you wanted to get married? I tell you, if it happens again, I will still run away and this time you will not be able to find me."

Sue glared at Allen with hatred and blurted her heart out. Evidently, she had no niceties to share with her brother. She then laughed angrily as she continued with bitterness in her voice, "Rest assured. If you are really disabled, I will support you by all means. After all, you are my brother." She looked at Allen with pity.

"You bitch, how dare you curse me..." Allen's face was flushed with fury. He flung onto Sue and started hitting her. He kept taking out all his frustration on her with every blow and did not stop until he saw Sue lying on the floor almost on the verge of death.

He left her on the ground bleeding and wreathing in pain. Of course, he wouldn't beat his sister to death. After all, he and his mother came to Sue with a purpose, and Sue was useful to them till the time they achieved their purpose.

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