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   Chapter 814 An Unexpected Kiss

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As a man, Roger could absolutely understand the reason behind Charles' hostility towards him. He grinned and replied to Charles, "I want to invite Miss Xia to my party tomorrow."

"Really?" Charles raised his eyebrows and asked. He tried to bring a smile on his face but failed to hide his state of mind. "I'm wondering, if I can have the honor to be invited, too?" he said.

"You?" Roger blurted out in surprise. He didn't expect this to come from Charles. Evidently, it made him a little embarrassed. However, he made it up with a smile and added, "Of course! It's my honor to have you as my guest, Mr. Lu. I was only skeptical thinking that you were too busy to make time for it. I didn't want to push you if..."

"Mr. Han, I owe you a favor today. You helped me so much. The party is important for me. I'll definitely make time for it no matter what happens tomorrow. Well of course... Unless, you don't want me to be there." Charles' politeness in his speech did not match with his eyes as he spoke. And Roger was not a fool who would not be able to read his eyes.

Charles happened to be one of the most influential people in Y City. Roger was very clear in his mind that he couldn't be so successful without Charles' help. Even though Sheryl was the person who helped him directly, Charles' influence played a very important role.

Roger recalled the stories of Rachel. Prominent as she was, she got brought down overnight so easily.

He knew it very well that if he displeased Charles, it would bring about death bolt to his career.

"I'm flattered. I can't tell you how fortunate I feel, Mr. Lu. It's truly an honor for me. I'll send an invitation later," Roger said to Charles with smile. "I'm looking forward to meeting both of you tomorrow, Miss Xia and Mr. Lu. I am scheduled to have a shooting after a while, so I need to take my leave now. Good-bye!"

"Good-bye!" Charles bid a farewell to him with a polite smile. After Roger had walked up to a distance, he turned to Sheryl and asked, "Do you know him well? Why did you accept his invitation to the party?" There was concern in Charles' voice as he spoke with Sheryl.

"Why? Is there any problem?" Sheryl was stunned to see Charles being so speculative. She couldn't understand why Charles' attitude changed so drastically in a matter of just a few moments.

He was so gentle and nice when Roger was there. Then, why did he become so angry the moment Roger left? Sheryl looked at him with a confused face.

Charles maintained a somber expression and stared at her silently. Sheryl started to think hard -- if she had done something wrong. She somehow felt guilty

t his eyelashes and feel his warm breath. She looked into his eyes as he set them firm on her eyes.

She was very nervous. She could feel her heart beating against her chest as if it would come out of her mouth. In fact, she could even hear Charles' heart beat.

She swallowed and took a few breaths. She moved her hands to push Charles away but he grasped them tightly. His warm hands embracing her, his warm breathes falling on her face -- she felt as if she was starting to melt in his arms.

She panicked and blushed. She looked just like a vulnerable little girl. She urged him, "What... what are you doing? Let go of me!" She could not recognize her voice as she spoke. The more stern she tried to sound, the softer and sweeter she sounded.

"And what if I don't?" Charles' voice became heavy as he gave a wicked smile.

"You are..." Sheryl frowned at him. Not knowing what to do, she could only ask him, "What do you want to do?"

Charles laughed aloud. He replied, "I called you Autumn just now because Autumn is my wife. And I don't need to ask for my wife's permission if I want to kiss my wife, right?"

Sheryl just froze on her seat. She stared at Charles in a state shock. Before she could even retaliate to what he said, her lips were sealed by Charles' own lips.

Suddenly Sheryl found herself trapped in his strong embrace and her unfinished words were swallowed in their loving kisses.

His tongue slipped into her mouth, explored every corner of it aggressively and tasted her smell greedily.

Years later they found each other once again. At this very moment, the world around them ceased to exist. It was just the two of them as they lost themselves in the passionate embrace of each other forgetting everything around them.

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