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   Chapter 813 An Invitation From Roger

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Sue didn't want to reveal all the stories of her family drama. She was ashamed, more than anything, to ever talk about it, especially to Sheryl. If she did, it would be inevitable that she'd get Sheryl into another mess, and she thought she'd done enough to cause her suffering.

She cast an indifferent gaze at Sheryl, and her tone suddenly became cold. "We're not friends anymore, Sheryl. Have you forgotten? I was the third wheel between you and your boyfriend. I destroyed your relationship with him. Why are you still acting so concerned about me? Shouldn't you hate me by now?"

The more kindness and care Sheryl gave her, the more uncomfortable Sue felt. She couldn't wrap her head around it.

Sue once thought she could've drawn a final line between Sheryl and herself, and they'd never have anything to do with each other again. It was futile, to her surprise. Sheryl didn't act resentful, or irritated. Instead, she said flatly, "The thing with you and Anthony... I've never thought about blaming you. Not for a second. But if you really don't want me to intervene, then I won't do anything about it."

She paused for a moment. "I just want to tell you that if there's anything, anything at all, that I can help with, then let me know. Please. Even if you forget everything else that happened between us, just keep this in mind, alright?"

"That's enough! I don't need your pity! I don't need it. Not from you, not from anyone!" She sneered as she said the words. "It's getting late. I'm going home now." She simply turned around and left.

None of Sue's outbursts and resistance made Sheryl's worry fade. Sheryl didn't want the conversation to end like that. "I know you're a person of high self-esteem. I'm not surprised you don't want to talk to me, that's fine. I can't blame you. But Sue, you're not alone now. You've got a boyfriend to support you. If anything becomes too much, you can always ask Anthony for help. He'll help you, I know it."

As she said it, Sue didn't turn around once. She only sped up her pace when Sheryl finished talking.

As soon as she was out of sight, Charles came over. He walked over to Sheryl. She was in a daze, her face looking a little blank as she stared at the door. "What happened, dear? Are you bored?" he asked curiously.

He frowned, and tried to look into her eyes and lighten up her mood. "Wait a second. I'll bring you home after I finish sending off my business partners."

"Thanks, but there's no need. It's fine." She wanted Charles to stay, and he knew it. He was

ut of kindness. You should only really be saying 'thank you' to yourself. You are who you are today because of your own efforts, not mine. In fact, you've already paid me back by lending me a helping hand three years ago. You don't have to worry about it anymore."

Her words and tone were perfectly polite, but it was still a rejection. It upset him to see that she had become so distant.

Nevertheless, he continued to offer, "Still, whatever you say, I'll never forget your kindness and help. Just know that I'm here for you, alright? If you ever need me in the future."

Before she could respond, he switched the topic. "I'll ask my people to send you a formal invitation to the party tomorrow. It would be our honor to have you there."

"Rest assured. I've already agreed to it and I'll definitely be there," she replied plainly.

"Party? What party?" As soon as she ended her sentence, Charles appeared, almost as if out of nowhere. If eyes could kill, Roger would've been dead for a thousand times. Back on stage, Charles could see Roger trying to flirt with Sheryl in the corner of his eye. The jealousy overtook him, so much that he wrapped up his speech shorter than what was appropriate, and made his way towards Sheryl in a hurry. He managed to hear the bit about Roger inviting her to some party, and it made his jaw clench. His eyes still on Roger, he took a step in front of Sheryl, as if to shield her.

"Roger was inviting me to..." "I'm asking Mr. Han," Charles interrupted her as he glared at Roger.

She pursed her lips. Clearly, Charles' tone was angry, and she thought better than to do anything to rile him up more. She sighed quietly to herself instead.

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