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   Chapter 811 She's Not Here

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Andy gave a wry smile and continued, "If Ferry comes back, he might target Sheryl again. We have to stay vigilant and keep her protected. Unfortunately my people have lost track of him. We have no idea where he is or what he's planning."

Charles' face was somber as he smoked his cigarette in silence. He only spoke to Andy after it was finished. "Well, this sounds like a huge inconvenience."

He paused and continued, "On the positive side, if he tries to strike again, there'll be no escape for him this time. He caused so much trouble three years ago, hurting Sher so badly and tearing me away from her. I have a huge score to settle with him. No mercy for him, he's not getting away with it."

Even though Andy knew that Charles was a man of his words, and perfectly capable of making it happen, he still couldn't chase away the worry deep in his heart. After all, Ferry was now in the shadows and they were in plain sight, making them easy targets for him.

He looked at Charles and told him, "If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know."

"Of course," Charles replied with a nod. He looked inside the house, watching Sheryl chatting and joking with her family. The happiness on her face warmed his heart, but also brought a combination of guilt and concern. He couldn't let anything destroy her new-found happiness. He turned to Andy and said, "Andy, I don't want Sher to know about this. Would you mind keeping it secret for a while?"

"Don't worry. I'm not going to tell them," Andy agreed. "It's better if we're the only ones who know about this. I don't want them to worry, either."

Charles smiled with relief and went back in to join the family. He chatted with Sheryl for a while, acting as if nothing had happened. Then he got up and told her, "It's getting late. I hate to leave but I really should go home and get some rest. Don't forget about the new product launch tomorrow, Sher. Have a good rest and sleep in tomorrow morning. You don't need to be at the rehearsal. Just attend the show in the afternoon."

"Got it, boss." Sheryl smiled and nodded obediently. Then she walked Charles out and watched him leave. Afterwards she immediately retired to her room and went to bed.

She tossed and turned for a wh

vent. Despite the good turnout, the director was fuming. "Don't you models have an ounce of professionalism? This huge event is about to start, and yet one of you still hasn't shown up yet. Where is she!? Why can't any of you call her?"

"Director, it's gone to voicemail..." a crew member replied timidly.

"Keep calling until she picks up!" the director barked. "I really don't understand how she managed to become a model with this kind of attitude. I tell you, I will never ever work her again after this event," he continued ranting.

"What's going on?" Sheryl whispered to the model beside her. "Why is the director so angry?"

"You don't know?" The model looked at Sheryl in surprise. Then she said lightly, "Since you're close with her, you'd better give her a call and ask her to get here as soon as possible. This is an important event, it's inexcusable to be this late. If she doesn't show up, she's going to damage her modeling career. No one will want hire her after this."

"You mean... Sue isn't here yet?" Sheryl was dumbfounded. The work for the models was carefully distributed and one less model meant less clothes were going to be displayed. Sue had been in the industry for a few years now and it was impossible that she did not know this yet. There had to be some kind of emergency that was causing her to be late.

Sheryl suddenly remembered the phone conversation that she had overheard the day before. 'Could anything have happened to Sue?' she wondered anxiously.

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