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   Chapter 809 School

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Anthony stared at Sue with utter disbelief. "What the hell are you talking about?" After hearing Sue's words, he just could not relate her to the girl he had known for such a long time. His face grew increasingly pale. He had known her to be a well-educated and reasonable girl, who was always so gentle and thoughtful when she spoke to him. He had never thought that Sue would say such annoying and rude words.

Sue stared at Anthony with a stern face. She could see how deeply her harsh words had affected Anthony. But she did this on purpose.

All she wanted was to generate so much of hatred and disgust for her in his heart that he would not even like to see her anymore. Yes, she wanted to break up with him once and for all.

"Sue, I... I am shocked to hear that. This is what you think about me? I've never thought that you consider me to be such a wicked man." Anthony said straight to Sue with a wry smile, "I know, I have hurt you deeply. All I want to do is to make up for that. I am awfully sorry if my action makes you get it wrong. Please trust me. That is not my intention."

"Stop it now, Anthony." Sue sneered at Anthony. The coldness in her voice ran a chill down his spine as she continued, "Don't think I've never known that you were just fooling around with me from the beginning to the end. Now, you are afraid that I will take our relationship seriously, so you can't wait to get rid of me. Anthony, you are such a disgusting scum."

"You…" Staring at Sue in front of him, Anthony was rendered speechless. He just could not find an appropriate word to reciprocate to the accusations made by her.

And more than anything else what bothered him the most was the change in her behavior that happened almost overnight.

"So? You have nothing to say? Why are you so speechless?" Sue sneered and said to Anthony who was in front of her, "Anthony, listen! I'm not a fool. I am an independent girl who can afford what she wants. Since you don't want to take our relationship seriously, I won't be with you anymore. You can be rest assured that I will never badger with you again from now on. I give you my words on that."

Sue was breaking down into pieces inside as she watched Anthony being hurt by her rude and harsh words. Only her soul would be a witness to her bleeding heart as she craftily executed her plan to break up with the man she loved so dearly. A man on whom she showered all her love and support even after knowing that his heart rested on another woman. She gave her all to him till the night before. But everything changed now.

Indeed, she had no other choice. With Peggy coming running after her, she could n

gy so much in her life.

Had it not been for Peggy, she would not have ended her relationship with Anthony.

Three years ago when Peggy had compelled her to marry that old man, she was depressed. She never had hatred for her mother despite all her misdoings. But now her heart was filled with hatred for her mother. She would never forgive her for this.

Outside the hotel, Sue stopped a taxi to go home. After taking a bath at home, she went to the Shining Company with a tired body and two black eyes. The Fashion Show of Shining Company was getting closer and closer. For Sue, merely putting her attention on work could make her forget Anthony.

Nearly lunchtime, everyone went to have lunch, except Sue. Sheryl looked at Sue. Sheryl didn't come to the Shining Company for a while, but Sue had been here everyday. Sheryl observed Sue to be off the mark that day. There was obviously weird about Sue working so hard that day.

Sheryl wanted to ask Sue about what happened. But she immediately stopped herself from thinking that it would not be appropriate for her to interfere.

At that time, Charles came to invite Sheryl to have lunch, and Sheryl left with Charles.

After the lunch, Charles handed over a document, and said to Sheryl, "The kids will go to school next month. I have applied for their admission earlier. I will take Charlie to change his name to Clark tomorrow. I have already arranged an intelligence test for him in the school. If it is okay, I want him to stay in this school for the next two years. After all, he is too young. It is not a good thing for him to skip too many grades. Shirley has also attained the school going age. These are the schools I've found for her, which are also close to his school. What do you think of it?"

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