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   Chapter 808 All Good Things Come To An End

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6990

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Sue stood outside on the balcony, thinking for a while. The wind chill caused her goosebumps. A shower was just what she needed; so she went for it. As she walked out of the bathroom, wrapped up in a bath towel, her wet hair left a trail of water drops behind.

With another towel, she began patting her hair dry, when the warmth of a hug rendered her motionless.

Anthony's embrace was irresistible. She just loved him too much. As Anthony buried his head in her neck, Sue felt a heaviness in her heart.

Their relationship had to end. She had to end it. It was the right thing to do.

"You smell so good!" Anthony whispered. The sound of the shower and the fragrance of her conditioner woke him up. As soon as he opened his eyes, Sue's slender, half-naked body tempted him to get up right away. He kept kissing her passionately on the shoulder and neck.

It was all bitter-sweet for Sue. That morning, she had given it her all; she showed Anthony the sexiest and craziest side of her.

He enjoyed it so much that he even forgot to use a condom.

At the end of their steamy session, they were both lying in bed gasping and drenched in sweat. After resting up a bit, Anthony attempted to stand up but Sue pulled him back in bed. She asked anxiously, "Where are you going?"

"You stay here and get some rest. I'm going to buy some Plan B pills for you," Anthony explained. His tone was calm and worry-free as if nothing had happened.

However, for Sue, his answer felt like a stab through her heart. She forced a smile and felt pity for herself. She should have known that their relationship was based on sex alone. Anthony didn't want to have a baby together with Sue because he never expected a future with her.

She stared at him and insisted, "Don't worry about it. I will buy them myself later. Now we... We need to talk."

"Talk about what?" Anthony asked casually. He got back in bed and lit up a cigarette.

"Anthony," Sue began but quickly paused. She threw him a glance and hesitated to open the subject once again. She still loved him, but she had to come to a

t of bed and walked toward her justifying himself, "It's not you. You are a great woman, but... Sheryl is my only love. I can't forget her and I can't be with anyone else. I didn't expect you to get attached..."

"Enough!" Sue interrupted him. With an indifferent stare, she spelled out her verdict, "It's over between us, Anthony. You don't need to say anything anymore."

Those words crushed her on the inside but she had to hold it together.

Feeling the need to explain further, she went on, "I can't go on like this. Since we will never have a future together, our relationship needs to end. So Anthony, it's over. We are simply strangers to each other now." As she was saying all that, she finished getting dressed, grabbed her stuff and headed out the door.

"Wait!" Anthony grabbed her hand before she made it out completely. He was ashamed of what he was about to say, but still felt the need to say it. "I'm sorry, Sue. I know I hurt you. If you allow me, I'd like to offer you some compensation for all my wrongs; however much you need, just tell me and I will give it to you."

Smack! Sue slapped him as she tried to hold back her tears. She could not believe his nerve. With a fiery glare, she retaliated, "What do you take me for?

A tramp? Someone you can fuck for a price?" Curses, insults and more hurtful questions kept pouring out of her, as her rage intensified.

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