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   Chapter 807 Nightmare

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Anthony's mindset towards Sue was not hidden from her. She knew that he just used her to just deal with his separation pangs with Sheryl. But to hear it from him was all the more heartbreaking. Sue froze when she heard Anthony. Yes, it seemed that he was right. She was nobody to him, so she wasn't qualified to intervene in his life.

Sue gave him a bitter smile and said, "Well, fine, you're right. It's not up to me to be in charge of you. You can enjoy your wine. I'll take my leave."

Sue's voice choked as she spoke these words. She was hurt, angry and disappointed beyond word. She just got up and began to leave. A moment more with Anthony and she would lose her temper completely.

As she turned around and walked away from Anthony, she was stopped by a thud on the ground. She turned around to find Anthony lying on the ground unconscious.

"Anthony! Oh, my..." She rushed back to see if he was alright. She checked if his breathing was normal and also if he got bruised due to the fall. After checking him properly, she was assured that he was absolutely alright. He just fell asleep for being drunk.

Sue was rendered speechless when she saw Anthony's face as he fell into a deep slumber. She could certainly not leave him behind in this state. She payed the bill and got Anthony into the car with the help of a waiter. Initially, she planned to send him to his house, but due to being overtly drunk, Anthony was feeling very sick. Hence, she had no choice but to find him a hotel nearby.

The moment she laid him down on the hotel bed, he threw up. It was certainly not easy to look after a drunkard. All through the first half of the night, Anthony kept puking and Sue kept cleaning up the mess. She put off his dirty shirt and cleaned his body. While washing his clothes, she heard him mumbling and came running to see if he needed anything.

She gave him some warm water to drink, in order to make him feel better.

And just like this, she didn't even realize when the clock struck two.

By the time Anthony was feeling a little better and fell into a relaxing sleep, Sue was a bit tired. She lied in the sofa to take a nap. She was waken by a call near five o'clock in the morning.

Sue forced herself to open her eyes to see whose call it was at the wee hours of the morning and the number that flashed on her mobile screen made her spring up on the sofa. A stern frown settled on her face as she glanced at her phone and then at Anthony. Then she proceeded to the balcony silently to answer the phone.

It was no sooner than she had just pressed the receiving icon on her phone, she was exposed to a loud shriek from the other side. It was a woman's voice shouting and cursing her by using all the dirty and evil words. Sue took a while before she was confirmed that it was her mother on the other side.

Sue remained silent without interrupting her mother. This was something that happened often. She just heard it expressionlessly until her mother got bored and stopped.

After a while as she could hear

miled coldly and said, "Waiting for you? Waiting for you to sell me to that old guy?"

Sue was not sure what she felt about it when she said that to Peggy Li. Her mind was overwhelmed out of anger, sadness and disappointment. She turned to see if Anthony was waken by her, and she found him sleeping well.

Sue vetted out her situation and hundred of thoughts flooded her mind in a jiffy. As long as she lived abroad, Peggy Li could not reach her. But now that she had come back to Y City, it was quiet possible that her mother would leave no stone unturned to hunt her down from any corner of the city.

And if she knew that Sue had a boyfriend, Anthony would be in a huge trouble.

Especially if she knew that Anthony was from a wealthy family, Peggy Li and her son would go out of their ways to extract money from him.

Her heart shuddered at the thought of her mother exploiting Anthony. But what if that really happened? How could she allow Anthony to be harmed because of her? On the second thought, even if Anthony was willing to meet their requirements, Sue couldn't allow him to do so, because it would be unfair to him. Moreover, Peggy Li and Allen Wang were greedy. They wouldn't be satisfied so easily. The matters could get worse to the point that even Sue would not be able to handle it.

The more she thought about all this her heart sank. Then she finally made up her mind to face Peggy Li head on. She sighed and said, "That's alright, I will be waiting for you tomorrow. But let me tell you one thing, Peggy Li. I am not the girl that I used to be. Hence, you'd better be polite. You have no idea what I can do to you now. Have a try if you want.

Don't yell at me or order me, don't abuse me in a mother's name. I'm telling you, I am not afraid of you anymore, and I'm even ready to fight you to death if need be."

"You fucking bitch, how dare you speak..." Peggy shouted back at her as she was mad when she heard Sue speak up. Sue just disconnected the phone to shut the noise out of her ears.

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