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   Chapter 806 Who Do You Think You Are

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7475

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"You got me wrong..." When Sue saw Anthony so weak and heart-broken, her heart ached for him. She really wanted to tell him that he was not alone and that she cared about him, but she thought it would be better if she held it back. Then she continued, "Anthony, stop it, please..."

"Then what do you mean?" Sue's comfort only made Anthony even more aggravated. He wanted to ask her for an answer. He yelled, "Well, then you should explain to me why you all try to hide from me? Did I do something wrong? Why do you all treat me like this? I don't really get it. So tell me, why?"

"I am not trying to hide from you." Sue gave him an awkward smile, trying to explain, "It's just that I… I am not sure that I have the courage to face you."

"Sue..." Hearing what Sue just said, Anthony calmed down and kept staring at her. Then he quickly grabbed her hand and begged, "I am just feeling so miserable. I don't want to be alone. Can you stay with me? At least for a little while."

Sue had decided to forget about Anthony and move on, but she really felt bad for him and how he was feeling right now. Furthermore, she found it very difficult to refuse his request. After a moment of silence, she agreed and said, "okay, I will stay with you."

They retired to a restaurant where they could chat and grab a bite to eat. Once they were seated, Anthony ordered a bottle of wine and drank the entire thing by himself.

Sue just sat there in silence across the table from him. Not really in the mood to eat, she simply wanted to listen to and be there for him in his time of need.

After a moment of contemplation, Anthony spoke up, "Sue, do you think that… I really am an incompetent man? Three years!! I had spent three years with Sheryl! Why did she just abandon me like that? I just don't get it. It doesn't make any sense." Anthony sighed deeply and continued, "I've tried my best to take care of her and her child. I loved them so much and had done everything for them. In the end, she just pushed me away and ran right into Charles' arms. How could she just be so heartless? I suppose she only cared about Charles. No matter how hard I tried to love her, I guess she just didn't give a fuck!"

The more he kept questioned it, h

t of her without caring how she would feel about that.

She tried to console him, "A lot can change in three years. Especially along the lines of the love between you and Sheryl. It quickly turned from being happy to being so terrible. You said you miss her. I totally understand that."

"Can you really understand?" Anthony took a stern look at her. "You don't. How could you possibly understand my feelings?"

He continued, "You don't know how deeply I love her. For her, I am willing to do anything and take any risk. You never know how hard it was for me to accept the fact that she didn't care about my love at all and even abandoned me."

"How do you figure I don't understand?" Sue explained, looking him in the eye, "I love you just the way you love Sheryl. You are just like a moth and Sheryl is the flame. The moth flies all its way to embrace the fire even if it will kill itself. Anthony, my love for you equal to or maybe even more so than your love for Sheryl!"

Hearing what Sue just said, Anthony felt so relieved. He gave a pleased smile to Sue and raised his glass. "Come on, let's drink to you and also for me."

Sue didn't raise her glass, just staring at him with her eyes squinted. Before Anthony got his lips to his drink, she quickly reached out her hand, grabbed his glass and begged, "Stop, you have had enough!"

"Let me drink!" Anthony pushed her hand away and shouted angrily, "Let me drink! Do you think you can stop me? Who do you think you are?!

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