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   Chapter 805 Are You Reluctant To See Me

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"I'm fine," Sheryl said in a low voice. She shook her head slightly. She and Charles looked into each other's eyes. Although they didn't exhibit any intimate gestures, their affinity for each other was very apparent by the look in their eyes.

Upon seeing this, Anthony felt very jealous.

He interrupted the peaceful mood and said to Charles, "You have no rights to decide when I should leave. Who do you think you are?"

"Anthony, Sher is my woman. Maybe she doesn't know much about business but I do." Charles smirked coldly and continued, "Anthony, your business must not have been completely settled in Y City even though you have transferred your main business here. So three months is more than enough time for you to deal with all the matters in your company, and your own relationship before you leave. You should be grateful for my merciful decision rather than stare at me with angry eyes. It only proves you are an ungrateful man."

Charles looked towards the gate as he said this. Sheryl and Anthony followed his gaze and saw Sue standing at the gate, dumbfounded.

Anthony's face went pale at the shock of seeing Sue. He turned to Charles and said, "It's my own business. You don't have to mind it."

"Sure, I guess I don't." Charles said with a smile, "I wouldn't mind your business even if you asked me to do so. I just want to protect Sher from being harassed by you any longer. You have caused so much trouble in her life already and I will not be in a very forgiving mood if you continue to try to meet her again. I don't know what terrible things I will do if I feel like you didn't heed my warning.

Maybe I will release all the anger and rage I feel about you all at one time. I don't think you can handle it." His voice was cold. Anthony could feel the seriousness of Charles' threat from the tone in his voice.

Anthony had started his business later than Charles, so he knew that if it had to come down to a competition on the business level, he couldn't win. However, he wasn't willing to give up so easily.


ith me"

"No! I do want to have dinner with you." Of course she wanted to have dinner with him but she didn't know what Anthony would say to her. She just didn't know if she was ready to deal with whatever it might be.

She smiled bitterly and added, "How can it even be possible that I don't want to have dinner with you?"

Anthony smirked and asked, "So why did you refuse? If you don't tell me the real reason, I won't let you go!"

Sue gave a reluctant smile and said, "I feel a little uncomfortable and want to rest."

"Don't lie to me!" Anthony sneered and added, "You are just trying to avoid me, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not..." Anthony wouldn't listen to Sue's explanation because of the anger he felt. She smiled bitterly and said, "Fine, it doesn't matter what you think of me anyway. Just go home, otherwise your mom will be worried about you."

However, Anthony began speaking to her as she was walking away.

From his voice, she could tell he was feeling a number of feelings including sorrow, anxiety and reluctance. She couldn't help but stop in her tracks when she heard his voice.

From behind her, Anthony murmured, "Sue, I'm just in so much pain right now. I just... I just want to be in your company. I don't want to be alone right now. Why can't you see that?

Are you dead set against wanting to see me too? Just like Sheryl?"

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