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   Chapter 804 I Need Some Time

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Sheryl felt really angry at this moment. Anthony had crossed all the limits now. How could he just come to Charles' office following her. She stared at Anthony's face with anger. "Calm down, Sher," Anthony said with a frown. "I know you are mad at me. And I have given you enough reasons for that. But I promise that if you help me this time, you will never see me again."

"Sorry. I don't think I can be helpful to you in anyway. You'd better find someone else," Sheryl refused immediately, wanting nothing but to end the talk as soon as possible. The very look of Anthony irked her out of her wits. This was one nagging dispute that she had had enough of and desperately wanted to end now.

Moreover, Anthony choosing to confront her at her workplace was something that annoyed her the most. People here knew Sheryl, especially Sue, who was just about to come out. 'If Sue sees Anthony talking with me, ' Sheryl thought nervously, 'I can never explain myself, no matter how hard I try.'

Therefore, Sheryl wanted to end the talk immediately, trying to avoid making things more complicated.

She was just about to leave when Anthony just held her hand and said, "Listen, Sher." He knew that it was improper to be here today, but he had no choice. Sheryl was the only person who could help him and he had no one else to turn to.

He could earn enough money to support Carlson financially, but what Carlson wanted was not just his job, but his dignity to be returned. Moreover, as a consequence of this, his parents' marriage was also at risk. Anthony was really helpless. Hence he decided to reach out to Sheryl by hook or by crook.

Unaware of the real reason behind Anthony approaching her, Sheryl got really worked up with Anthony's behavior. "Let me go, Anthony!" Sheryl said and tried to free herself. And when she failed, she landed a slap right on Anthony's face. The loud smash attracted passengers' attention. They all looked at the two, wondering what was going on. Sheryl lowered her face feeling all the more embarrassed after slapping Anthony.

Anthony stroked his face with a shocked expression. He had never expected such a blow from Sheryl.

Even Sheryl was shocked. She had never imagined that she could even hit someone. It might be the grievance and resentment in her heart that caused this situation. And moreover Anthony was the wrong person to have arrived at the wrong time.

Anthony stared at Sheryl and spoke in a choked voice, "I deserved this. And I really hope that this makes you feel better." Anthony looked back at Sheryl with rueful eyes.

"Shut up!" Sheryl screamed at Anthony.

looked at Anthony and promised, "Don't worry. If what you said is true, I will ask my grandfather to give back your father's job. Nevertheless, I also need you to do one small thing for me."

Sheryl suddenly realized that being nice to Anthony was taking a toll on her and Shirley. Hence, she decided to take this opportunity to get rid of the trouble all together.

Anthony curved his lips into a bitter smile. "I had expected this. Say it. What do you want? Today, I am ready to accept any deal you put forth just to save my father's dignity."

"I need you and your family to leave Y City. I don't want to see you ever again," Sheryl narrowed her eyes and raised her chin as she demanded in a cold voice. "I have had enough of your family. So, your father can only get his job back if all the three of you just disappear forever."

Anthony frowned as he heard Sheryl's terms and conditions that he needed to fulfil if he wanted his father to get back to his position in the hospital. Then, he tried to bargain, "I will leave this city. Sheryl, but as you know, since I came back, this country, especially Y City, has been the key to my career. I need some time to sort things out."

"How long do you need?" Sheryl asked. Her voice was as stern as before.

"Six months," Anthony replied without giving it much of a thought.

"Three!" A familiar male voice cut through their conversation before Sheryl could have replied to him. It was none other than Charles, who was walking toward them.

Standing in front of Sheryl, Charles asked softly, "Are you okay, honey?" Sheryl turned towards him and smiled as she heaved a sigh of relief. In fact, his voice as well as his presence already gave her a sense of security and peace of mind.

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