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   Chapter 801 Moving To The Zhao Family House

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8193

Updated: 2019-04-03 00:22

Ever since Nancy heard Sheryl speak to Arthur about moving into the Zhao family house, she was upset. She was really enjoying her stay with Sheryl and Shirley. But now that they were moving with the Zhao family, there were already so many maids in their household that they might not need Nancy to be around. Also she felt guilty about all those horrible things she had done to Sheryl in the past which meant she was not in the good books of Amy and Arthur. Thus she did not have a chance of moving to Zhao family house with Sheryl and Shirley.

All these days that she spent with Sheryl and her daughter was so nice that she felt just like a family with them. Now getting used to living without the little Shirley and the ever so kindhearted Sheryl would be difficult for Nancy.

Nancy struggled to push all the hesitations in her mind as she slowly walked close to Sheryl and asked in a very subdued voice, "Are you planning to move out of here?"

Sheryl gave a nod and explained, "Yes Nancy. I have had enough of Anthony's and Laura's madness. Plus, Sue just lives across the hall. It's so awkward every time I see her. And most importantly, I want to keep Shiley away from all these people. You have seen how she had suffered the repercussions of the conflicts amongst us elders. So we have to leave this place as soon as possible."

"Indeed." Nancy let out a sigh and continued, "It would be the best option for Shirley. Moreover she will also get the love and protection of her great-grandparents in the Zhao family."

Sheryl marked the pensiveness in Nancy's voice. "Nancy, are you okay? You don't seem to be alright," Sheryl asked with concern and looked at her.

"Nothing. I'm okay," Nancy replied but kept fidgeting with her fingers for a while. Then after a momentary hesitation, she continued "It's just... I still feel guilty about those horrible things I've done to you. In these few days that I have been able to be with you, I've tried my best to make up for my sins. And I'm really happy we've bonded a lot. It just makes me feel bad for being separated from you so soon."

"Why would we be separated?" Sheryl looked completely taken aback by what Nancy said. For once, she could not remotely think of what was going on in Nancy's mind. She thought that Nancy would leave them. She asked in a shock, "Have you got another job? Or did I do something wrong to make you leave?"

"No. No. You are getting me wrong." Nancy haste

Zhao family house and found that new rooms were already prepared for them. Amy must had spent the whole night to get them done. Sheryl and Shirley got their new rooms on the third floor of the house. Arthur and Amy lived on the first floor and Andy and Abby on the second. They also got a room for Nancy.

Amy was really excited and thrilled to have Sheryl come back to stay with them. Her heart bled to think about the hardships Sheryl had faced all these years. Now having Sheryl to come an stay with her came as a much awaited opportunity for her to shower her with all her love.

"Sher, what would you like for lunch? I'm going to make it for you," Amy asked as she helped them unpack.

Sheryl looked at Amy, feeling a little guilty. "Sorry, grandma. I have to take off to work now."

"Oh, ok." Amy sounded a little upset. But thinking that they could have dinner together, she was cheered up. "Then what would you want for dinner? I could make you dinner," she asked kindly.

"Anything is okay. Anything you make, I will eat them all," Sheryl replied with a sweet and indulgent smile. Amy smiled too.

Then she left for work. Once she walked into the office, all the models were surprised to see her appear after so many days.

However after Kitty and Tammy got fired, they knew it well that Sheryl was special for Charles. Hence, nobody dared to have problem with her continual absence.

Sue was there too. She looked tired, which indicated a sleep deficiency. When she saw Sheryl come in, her lips moved as if some words were about to come out. But she finally gave up and looked down without saying anything.

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