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   Chapter 800 Moving Out

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Before Arthur brought Sheryl back home from the police station, Shirley insisted on waiting in the living room instead of sleeping in her bedroom. No matter how much Nancy had tried and persuaded her, all the effort had been in vain. Shirley was so worried about her mother that she decided to not sleep.

Suddenly, there came a sound of click from the door. Shirley noticed it and immediately ran towards the doorway. When the door opened and Sheryl came into her sight, Shirley got excited and rushed into Sheryl's arms and hugged her tightly.

"Shirley? why didn't you go to sleep yet?" In a surprise, Sheryl asked her with a warm smile on her face.

Nancy sighed and spoke, "Such a stubborn child she is! She insisted that she should wait until her mother comes home. I couldn't do anything about it".

Sheryl felt so cheerful and proud that Shirley cared so much about her even if Shirley was so young. It was always said that a daughter's love for mom signified warmth same as a cotton-padded jacket. That could not be truer, Sheryl realized in that very moment.

Sheryl stooped down, gave Shirley a reassuring smile and said, "Shirley, don't worry! Mom's fine. Now you should let Nancy take you to bed."

Her little face showed a little unwillingness. In fact, she desired to sleep with her mom tonight, but she still chose to listen to her mom at last.

She nodded her head with a cute gaze and said, "Good night, mom."

"Good night, honey." Sheryl watched Shirley enter her room, then turned to Arthur and said, "Grandpa, it is quite late now. Don't stay here for too long. You should go home and get some sleep. You must be tired too."

As for Sheryl, she hadn't planned to sleep that night. She had made up her mind to move out, so she had a lot of stuff to pack. Though she hadn't found a place to move into, yet she was not at all willing to stay in this place any longer. She was even willing to book a room in a hotel for several days before she could find a place to live in.

"I am fine." Arthur looked at Sheryl and asked thoughtfully, "Are you sure that you want to move out of here, Sher?"

"I'm very sure." Sheryl nodded and spoke to Arthur, "I am pretty sure I don't want to live here. Sue will not feel comfortable if I continue to live just opposite to her door. And, neither will I."

Then she let out a burst of wry laughter and continued, "Besides, you know how Laura has badgered me about my privat

ar away from unhappiness and suffering.

"You should be cautious of Laura. The things that happened today…" Arthur stopped to not hurt Sheryl anymore and continued, "Fortunately, someone in the police station recognized you and Andy. Otherwise, we don't even know how worse this would have resulted to." Arthur gave a cold smile. "You are my granddaughter! I know you so much. You look mild and weak, but inside, you are just like a man with an impatient temperament. However, Laura is cunning and eloquent. If you try to argue with Laura, you will always lose."

Arthur let out a sigh and continued, "Your grandma and I are too old now to expect too much. We just want you live a happy life. Now that Shirley and you have suffered so much for all these years, it's time for you to settle down for a while, at least... or the sake of your grandparents, please? Accompany our two old men and just live with us."

"Or…" Arthur paused, and then said, "Or if you don't like living in my house then, you can move out later. But for now, you two can move to my home first until you find a place to live. Is that all right?"

Arthur's words and his good intention made it very hard for Sheryl to refuse any longer.

She looked at Arthur and accepted, "Well, I think you are right."

"Good, it is settled now." Arthur got very pleased and continued, "You can pack up your things tonight, and I will pick you both up tomorrow."

"Okay, Grandpa." Sheryl nodded. After she said goodbye to Arthur, Sheryl decided to start packing. Just as soon as she turned around and stepped into the door, she saw Nancy standing by the door.

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