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   Chapter 799 Everything Is Settled

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Carlson was really concerned about Anthony. He was their only son and he could not bear to see him break down right in front of his eyes. Anthony was getting torn apart because of his mother's stubbornness. The only way in front of him was to make Laura understand the situation no matter how difficult it was. "Did you hear what our son said? Just reflect on yourself," Carlson said in a serious tone. Though he knew that Laura was in no mind to negotiate on this matter, he still raised this topic thinking of Anthony.

Laura got even angrier. She glared at Anthony and said, "I was causing trouble out of nothing? Why doesn't he care about my feelings? No mother will agree her son to marry an infamous woman like Sheryl. I'm telling you, if he is so stubborn, then I am no less. I am telling you, he will bring that woman home, but only over my dead body."

She sneered and continued, "Why can't you see Sheryl's true face clearly? Or are you blind? The moment she realized that you couldn't marry her, she broke up with you heartlessly and even made your father lose his job. I must have all of these matters clear with her!"

Laura suddenly realized that she would not be able to talk to Sheryl after she moved out tomorrow. Hence, she decided to meet Sheryl once again. "I have to meet her right now, otherwise I will have no chance after tomorrow."

"Haven't you had enough, yet?" Both Carlson and Anthony said at the same time.

Carlson looked at Laura with helpless eyes and said, "Think of your rude behavior towards Sheryl. My job got suspended by Uncle Arthur and I can't return to work until his anger is pacified. If you go on causing more trouble, we will face more severe consequence. Laura, I beg of you. Just show some mercy to me and stop being so stubborn, please."

"Mom, Dad is right." Anthony persuaded Laura, "Do you really want to divorce my father?"

"Of course not." Laura looked at her son and admitted, "I have spent so many years with him and we went through so many hardships together. I can't even think of my life without him."

"So why can't you just stop saying those stupid words that would annoy him?" Anthony heaved a sigh and said, "Dad is still very angry now. Please say some so

ra had a surprised look on her face but then she nodded in an affirmative manner and replied, "Yes, yes. I won't make the same mistakes like I did today."

Laura walked up towards Carlson. "Darling, I know I always had a bad temper. Thank you for tolerating me for all these years. We have been together for so many years; we can't live alone without each other at this age.

You don't like my bad temper, right? I will change. Just give me a chance to prove it," Laura said in a pleading voice.

Carlson was convinced as he saw Laura's earnest eyes. Looking at Laura, he didn't agree or refuse but just said, "Fine, just do as Anthony said. I warn you I won't spare you if you try to cause any new trouble secretly."

Laura was relieved as she heard Carlson's words. She knew he was convinced so she promised, "Don't worry. I will always listen to you from now on. I won't let today's incident happen again. You will see it for yourself when the time comes. I promise."

"I hope so." Carlson gave a bitter smile. He still couldn't help worrying about the fact that whether his decision was right or not.

Laura was so glad to see that even Anthony let out a sigh of relief finally.

As Anthony got a temporary relief of saving his parent's marriage, another fear grabbed his mind. That fear was truly unnerving. He shuddered at the very thought of meeting Arthur. He knew that it was going to be very difficult for him considering Arthur's unfriendly attitude towards him.

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