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   Chapter 797 The Quarrel

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Life was not about others, but about oneself. No one else should determine one's own life.

After Sheryl left, Anthony glanced at Sue and asked with guilt in his voice, "I thought you were inside with my parents? What made you come out?"

"You should just go in and take a look." Sue forced a bitter smile and added, "They are being very combative towards each other. I did my best to try and stop them, but they were not listening to me."

"What happened?" Upon hearing that, Anthony became so worried that he rushed into the police station. Just as he stepped in, Laura was cursing Carlson while pulling his hair. She stormed, "Carlson, we have been married for so many years. I couldn't believe that you wanted to divorce me over something so trivial. Carlson, I warn you. If you dare to divorce me, I will kill myself right in front of you!"

Carlson began to get even more impatient with Laura's attitude and he yelled, "Laura, you think that threat is supposed to make me change my mind? I can assure you wholeheartedly. I want the divorce for sure. Today!"

He jeered at Laura and continued, "Our son has grown up now, so we do not have to fight for who will be taking care of the child. As of all the things in the house, I will only take what belongs to me. As far as the things that you own, I will not take a single cent."

Taking a glance at Laura, he felt that the distance between them had increased exponentially and then continued to press her, "Anyway, there is no future between us. I am not planning on living with you anymore. Let's just get the formalities taken care of as soon as possible."

"You are such an asshole!" cursed Laura in fury. "Tell me. Is it because you are bored with me and found a new love? Is that why you want the divorce so badly?"

Carlson stared at Laura and found her increasingly ridiculous. He could in no way understand where all those crazy thoughts of hers were coming from.

"Laura, you do have a brain, right? Can you at least try to think before you talk?" He sneered, "Don't you know what you should say and what you should not? Just take a look at the situation, will you?"

Thinking of her attitude towards Sheryl, he couldn't help but feel bitter and helples

lose my job! Being fired! Now the entire hospital knows. How can I... How can I face my old colleagues and friends with this shame hanging over me?"

Hearing all the quarrelling, Anthony could no longer stay quiet but walk up to them. "Dad! Mom! Stop making a scene here. Let's settle the matter privately. I am so ashamed of you two arguing in the public like this!" he shouted.

Surrounding them was a large crowd that were curious about what has happening with this family. In order to prevent further disturbance and disorder, the policeman standing aside ordered, "This is the police station, not your home. You can't do anything you want here. Settle everything on your own at your own place. You are creating a mess here. Leave! Now! Otherwise we will use force."

"Hey, you are a policeman. What kind of attitude is that?" Just at Laura was about to argue with the policeman, Carlson smiled bitterly and said disdainfully, "You see? This is the way she is, a woman with no limits. How am I supposed to continue to stay with such a woman everyday?"

With a sneer, he continued, "Anyway, I have made up my mind. I can no longer stand a life with her. It is for the best to go through with the divorce, good for me, good for her."

"Dad, can you stop saying that?" In an attempt to prevent the situation from worsening further, he continued, "You are not young anymore and have been married for such a long time. Are you not ashamed of talking about divorce all the time?"

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