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   Chapter 795 Please Come Back To Me

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Updated: 2019-04-02 00:11

Just as Sheryl was about to leave with Arthur, Sue rushed to them, mumbled an apology, and hid behind Laura.

With how things had turned out, she really had no idea what else to do other than to say "sorry."

Sheryl didn't answer Sue, nor did she look at Anthony. She simply left. She briefly saw Carlson talking to Laura about something, but she couldn't hear what. As soon as she stepped out of the main gate of the police station, Anthony followed her.

He held her by the elbow, trying to stop her from leaving. "Sher, wait a second," he called out.

"Is there anything else?" she asked. Her tone was indifferent. Her eyes didn't give away much, but he knew she was hurt.

Looking at her, he couldn't help but feel heartbroken.

When they were a couple, they used to be so close. But now, while he couldn't point out the exact reason, there was a huge wall between them.

"How dare you talk to her? Don't you feel just even a little bit ashamed?" Arthur spat, placing himself in front of Sheryl to shield her from Anthony. "I haven't settled things that happened in the past with you. You should be thankful that I didn't hunt you down. Yet you again caused such a huge mess, and you have the audacity to face Sher? Do you really think you can just bully our family as much as you want?"

"Grandpa Arthur, I..." Anthony began, shame flashing on his face. Although he couldn't answer Arthur's questions, he really wanted to talk to Sheryl.

"You what?" Arthur cut him off. "In the past, I believed in you and trusted you. I thought you were a responsible and caring man. But now? All I see is a coward. I will never let someone like you get close to Sher. Don't you ever think you can be with her again.

I'll let you go this time, but only out of respect for your grandfather. If you ever come near Sher again, you won't like what I'll do. I will not hesitate even if your grandfather was my friend." He sneered at Anthony, his nerves on fire with anger.

Anthony tried to explain, hoping he'd be able to talk despite Arthur's anger. "Grandpa, I know I did wrong today. But I'm not thinking of doing anything but just talk. I just want to talk to Sheryl. That's al

it? There are just some things in this world that can't be fixed. After all that has happened. Do you really still think we have a chance of fixing what we had? Do you honestly think that I want to? I'm not as stupid and carefree as I was before. I won't let you hurt me again." As she finished, she put some distance between them.

"My mom caused everything, didn't she?" Anthony asked. "I know my mom caused all of those troubles. She's my mom, but if you say that you never want to see her again, we can leave this place. Just me and you. Consider it done. What else do you want me to do?"

As she let his words sink in, Sheryl just stared at him in silence.

Anthony hesitated for a while but he needed to know. "Is it because of Charles?" he asked with caution.

He stared as Sheryl, hoping to see even a trace of affirmation, but she wasn't giving anything away. "I know it'd be hard for you to break up with him. After all, you've lived together for quite a while. But how about us? We've been together for three years, Sher. You know how much I love you, and what I'm willing to do for you. Please just give me another chance. Trust me. I will take care of you this time. Please," he begged.

But Sheryl remained unmoved. "Are you done?" Sheryl looked at him and felt that they had become even further apart.

"No, I'm not," Anthony replied with resolution. "I'll follow you wherever you go. I will not stop until I hear what I want."

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