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   Chapter 794 Sheryl's Decision To Move

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6121

Updated: 2019-04-01 17:40

"I'm alright, Grandpa." Sheryl smiled and asked, "Why are you here?"

Laura's harsh words annoyed Arthur. He inquired, "Who did you scold just now?"

"Her, of course," Laura said with a sneer and pointed at Sheryl.

Arthur cast a contemptuous glance at Laura. "Your son is not good enough for my Sher. So you don't have to worry about her ever reuniting with your son. Even if she has to stay single forever, she will never get involved with Anthony again. I can easily support her and she will never have to depend on any man, least of your Anthony."

"How can I believe you? Even if I believe you, I do not trust her," Laura smiled coldly and said. "I need her to put her promise in writing. If she still pursues Anthony after that, I will reveal it to the public and let everyone in this city know she is an immoral woman."

"Laura Ding! Be in your limits. Don't cause more trouble or I will divorce you immediately!" Carlson indignantly said. He was highly embarrassed at her crude behaviour. His face showed anger. He stared at Laura with serious eyes and said, "Believe me. I'm not kidding you."

"Okay, just do as you wish." Laura wasn't frightened by Carlson's threat. He had threatened her with divorce previously also but they were just empty words. She said to Carlson, "Don't you dare threaten me. I will settle this matter with Sheryl today and nobody can stop me."

"Mom, please stop. You are going too far!" Anthony looked at Sheryl with guilty eyes. He was embarrassed to come to the police station for a trivial matter and his embarrassment got increased at his parents' arguement. He knew Laura was in the wrong so he tried to persuade her to stop.

"Both you and your father are so stupid. Why do you want to support this bitch?" Laura got even angrier. She snapped at Sue, "Why are you so silent? D

ue couldn't help but be concerned about Sheryl's decision.

"Yes, I will move out as soon as possible." Sheryl nodded and added, "Please don't mind if I don't say goodbye to you when I move out."

"Sher, you don't have to move out." Sue smiled bitterly. "I know you have broken off completely with Anthony and I trust you, so..."

"Sue, what are you saying?" Laura hissed at Sue. She pulled at Sue's sleeve and asked, "Do you remember that you have to side with me? I am doing all this for your secure future. Just let her move out if she wants to. You can be more relaxed if she leaves, so why are you stopping her?"

"But Sher is..." Sue still felt sorry for Sheryl. She looked at Sheryl and said, "How about I move? I live alone and it will be easier for me to make the move."

"No!" Laura said firmly. "Let her move! Are you not worried that Anthony will meet her secretly if she still lives at the old address?"

She glanced at Sheryl and said, "Don't you dare inform Anthony of your new address. Otherwise..."

Sheryl just gave her a cold look and replied, "Don't worry. It is also my wish to stay far away from you and your son. I won't commit the mistake of informing my new address to any of you."

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