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   Chapter 792 What Do You Want From Me

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Sheryl patted Shirley's head gently and questioned in a loving tone, "What is going on in your little mind?"

At the same moment, three people came out of the elevator. Sue and Laura were in the front. Sue was holding Laura's hand, and they were chatting warmly with each other. Laura seemed to have improved her attitude toward Sue. They both became very close and it seemed that they now shared a good bond.

Anthony followed behind them slowly. However, he looked very upset. He saw Sheryl and Shirley as he raised up his head and exhibited a complicated expression. He wanted to walk up towards Sheryl but refrained himself since Sue and Laura were accompanied.

In such an embarrassing situation, Sheryl tried to keep calm and pretended as she didn't see them at all. However, Laura walked up to her while grabbing Sue's hand along. "Hello, Sheryl! I got to know that your daughter was kidnapped several days before. So how is it even possible that she doesn't get any injury?"

Sheryl stared at Laura with rage in her eyes. "What do you mean?" she inquired.

"I mean.. Nothing!" Laura gave a sneer and said to Sheryl, "I just feel envious of you because you are so lucky! You always manage to get rid of any trouble that comes your way."

"Mom, that's enough!" Anthony was no longer able to hear his mother's harsh words anymore. He convinced her, "Why do you always try to hurt Sher's feeling. You are well aware it does no good to you. Right?"

"Sher?" Laura sneered and questioned, "You still call her Sher, huh? Do you mean that you are still dating her without letting me know?"

"What nonsense are you talking, Mom?" Anthony explained to Laura with pain in his tone, "I have told you that I have broken up with her. So why don't you believe me?"

"Just Shut up!" Laura interrupted. Laura cast a cold glance at Anthony and said, "I warned you that this woman is very cunning. Once you are associated with her, it's too hard to get rid of her. But you didn't listen to my words. I am telling you once again to break up with her, completely. Sue is the one you should marry."

"Mom, please..." Anthony said to Laura with anguish, "Stop talking, please."

"No, I haven't finished yet." Laura gave a cold smile and added, "She has do

don't even have a bit of feeling for your future husband. Why would it even bother me?" Sheryl said with a sneer, "I only hope that you won't make my life miserable like this again. That's enough for me and what all I want."

"Aunt Laura, you see? Sher has promised now. Didn't you say that we'll go to the..." Laura shook off Sue's hand abruptly before even Sue finished her words. "What? Do you want to help her too? Don't forget she is your rival! Even if you help her with all your heart now, she would never repay for your kindness," Laura said in anger.

Pushed by Laura hard, Sue was not able to maintain her balance and fell onto the ground. She looked at Laura in amazement. It was hard for her to believe what had happened. Sue was all embarrassed by now.

Finally, Sheryl hoisted her up and asked with concern, "Are you alright, Sue?"

"I'm fine, thank you." Sue shook her head slightly; however, she kept her head lowered in embarrassment. She felt so miserable but she couldn't show it because Laura was here.

She loved Anthony a lot so she decided not to annoy Laura in any case, otherwise, she would get the same treatment like Sheryl. And she would lose her love as well, which, she could not afford to.

"Don't go this much far!" Sheryl was annoyed with Laura's rude behaviors towards Sue. So she inquired Laura, "I have promised to stay away from your son. In fact, I don't even desire to stay close to him. Isn't it enough for you? So, what else do you want from me now?"

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