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   Chapter 791 Who Would Be Shirley's Dad

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7998

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Charlie glared at Leila and spoke in a cold voice, "You know it better than anyone else who is lying and who is not, don't you?"

Charlie was way too intelligent for his age. Leila knew it very well that she could not have fooled him. Still she tried to convince him and explained anxiously, "Charlie, listen to me… Sheryl is a liar. She is a cheater. Don't trust her. She will never even think of you."

Hearing this Charlie sneered, "I imagined what you would say today. I hoped that you might have changed and regretted about what you have done. I thought you would apologize for your deeds. But I was wrong. Anybody like you should stay in the jail." Charlie could not bear it when Leila tried to defame Sheryl in front of him.

He put a sarcastic smile on his face and looked at Leila as he revealed, "Now do not be shocked when I tell you that I knew you were not my biological mother, but I have held the truth to myself."

Leila had never expected this to come from Charlie and blurted, "What… What do you mean?"

Leila was completely dumbstruck by the remark. She stared at him with a jaw-dropping silence as he spoke with an all-knowing smile on his face. "Do you remember the body examination you did earlier?" Charlie continued, "Right from that time I knew that you could never be my biological mother. And you must also be aware that even our blood types do not match. So, you see. I knew the truth all this while. It's just that I didn't tell you." Charlie looked Leila in the eye and continued, "Do you know why I'm here today? Because I hoped that you would change. If so, I would plead with Dad to help you. After all, you have brought me up. But what you have just said changed my mind. I think it would be much better to leave you here."

Leila was startled. She knew that Charlie was different — he was more independent and smarter than other children — but Leila never expected him to have so many secrets. She could never get a hold on this kid and as it turned out, she was not likely to have him ever.

All these years Leila thought that she had kept the truth a secret, but now, it was as clear as the day light and she did not even have to speak it out. She realized that it was she who was in the dark. This little imp knew the truth! That was why he always treated her in such an indifferent manner.

"If you already knew it," Leila asked, pulling herse

and was not even as sophisticated as Charlie. Sheryl knew that Shirley had to be prepared for this.

She needed to know her mind because she was afraid that Shirley would be unable to accept it.

"Well… I like him." Shirley remained silent for a while and answered after consideration, with her head tilted to one side. "Uncle Charles is nice and so is Charlie."

"So… Will you be happy if he becomes your daddy?" Sheryl asked nervously.

Since Sheryl got her memory back, she was thinking about restoring her relationship with Charles. And this was an opportunity to know the opinions of Charlie and Shirley.

"But… How about Tony? Will he also be with us?" Shirley asked with the same innocence. But the name hit Sheryl like a whip making her spinal chord become erect in one blow.

Shirley had become almost autistic because of Anthony. Even though Shirley was fine now, Sheryl could never forgive Anthony for what he had done.

"Why do you mention Anthony?" Sheryl asked.

Shirley seemed to be confused and answered, "Tony has also asked if he could be my father. But I don't like him anymore."

Then, she continued, "In TV programs, men and women would hold their hands together if they like each other. You never put your hand into his, so even you don't like him, right?" Sheryl heaved a deep sigh as she heard Shirley. She would have to tread this path with a lot of care. Shirley was a very sensitive child. With the slightest remorse or regret in her little mind, Sheryl could not make a decision. She had to prepare Shirley before she chose to be with Charles again.

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