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   Chapter 790 He Was Too Naive

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Charles was so gratified to see Charlie being so considerate at such a young age. But, the moment he thought about Leila, he turned depressed all of a sudden.

"Then... What do you feel about Leila?" Even though Charles was so reluctant to mention Leila, he could sense that there was an emotional tie between Charlie and her. Besides everything that she had done, that woman had indeed helped Charles raise Charlie up. If Charlie really wanted to see Leila, he would try to be considerate for Charlie no matter how hard it would be for him.

Looking at Charlie, Charles continued, "I know. After all, she is your foster mother. I just want to... I just want to be sure of how you feel about her. Do you really... have no feelings for her at all?"

Charlie kept quiet for a while before answering, "Actually I am also not sure. I don't even have any idea how to face her..."

Charles then replied, "I believe you have heard about what happened between Leila and Sher. I have come to tell you that Leila now is under the custody of the police. If... if you desire to see her, I can try to arrange a visit for you."

Charlie was startled upon hearing that. In the end, he nodded and said, "After all, she has taken care of me for so many years. I think I should see her if this is going to be the last time."

"Alright! I will arrange the visit for you tomorrow morning then," Charles agreed. He, in fact, heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that Charlie wanted to see Leila.

After all, it would be too ruthless of Charlie to say 'No'. Charles knew that Charlie was not at all such a person.

He reminded Charlie to sleep early, and then he went back to his room and made several phone calls to arrange the session for Charlie.

The next day, Charlie woke up early, finished his breakfast hastily, and waited for Charles at the sofa patiently.

Then, as planned, Charles brought him to the police station. On their way there, Charles did not speak a word. Neither did Charlie. There was an absolute silence throughout this time.

Right at the main gate of the police station, Charles found the person he was looking for. While that man led Charles and Charlie in straight, he talked to Charles, "By legal methods, she has no liberty to meet anyone from outside. After all, we are still investigating into this case. Since Mr. Lu asked a favor from us, we can let you in to meet her. Just that you need to keep it short, otherwise there can be even trouble for us."

"Thank you for y

has done to your beloved mother. You must not just let her get away with it so easily."

Even until then, Leila was still trying to attack Sheryl and made enough efforts to ensure to cause her trouble in future.

Charlie returned Leila with yet another frown and jeered at her, "Even until now, you are still indulging me in your hallucination. Do you really think that I am too young to understand your games? Do you think I am a fool?"

"What do you even mean by that?" Leila suddenly felt humiliated and questioned. She was so agitated that she tried to stand up, but was stopped by the policeman beside her. "Is it all because of Sheryl? What did that bitch tell you, huh? Let me her story.

I knew that bitch would do this to you. Charlie, don't you ever trust that woman. I am your true mother. Don't believe her words easily whatever she says to you or how true it seems. She is just trying to fool you!" Leila screeched at Charlie in hopelessness, "She is a vicious person! She does not care for you at all! Don't you ever..."

"That's Enough!" Charlie shouted back. At first, Charlie wanted to see if Leila was remorseful for what she had done. If she apologized for her deeds, he would have probably asked Charles to forgive her and let her go. All he needed was Leila's apology and the promise that she would never appear in front of his family again to ruin their life. That was why he even stopped Charles to step in. But, it was all in vain!

It turned out that he was indeed, too naive as he even thought to give Leila a chance to repent. A person who chose to live in her dream would never be ashamed of her evil deeds, he finally realized.

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