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   Chapter 789 A Dream Comes True

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7195

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"Alright, alright, I won't cry." Sheryl constantly nodded and said that to Charlie, so that he could feel better.

Charlie was extremely happy, but acted a little bit awkward. He looked at Sheryl and asked, "So Shirley is my twin sister, right?"

"Yes, exactly," Sheryl responded.

Hearing that, Charlie smiled affectionately and thought, 'Wow, so it means that I have my own sister, a beautiful little girl who needs my protection. I will try my best to be a good brother and strive to shield her from any possible danger.'

Sheryl smilingly inquired, "Charlie, would you like to come home with me tonight? Shirley will be so happy to see you. She will be delighted if you can stay with us for a couple of days. And, I want to make up for my absence as a mother all these years."

Charles immediately refused Sheryl's proposal without even listening to Charlie's will. He was well aware why Sheryl came to his house every day. She visited only to see her son. 'So, she would continue coming if Charlie is still with me, ' Charlie thought. He didn't want to miss the chances of seeing her each day, so he responded to Sheryl, "He's okay in here and I can take good care of him. You're busy with looking after Shirley, so just leave Charlie with me.

You can come here to see him every day if you like, and I can even assist to pick you up if you need."

Sheryl gave him a ferocious stare and said, "I'm talking to my son, not you! Is it clear?"

She bent down and softly asked Charlie, "Honey, would you like to come with me?"

Charlie turned to look at Charles and found that his father winked at him, so he got what Charles really meant. Charlie then looked at Sheryl and said, "Mom, it's all right. I'm comfortable at staying here with Dad."

Sheryl was a little sullen about it and replied, "Why not, honey? You don't want to stay with Mommy, is that so?"

Charlie replied, "Mom, of course, I want to be with you. I'm just afraid that Dad will be lonely if I leave him all alone.

You have Shirley but Dad will be all alone by himself if I leave. So Mom, please allow me to stay, okay?"

Charles was convinced by Charlie's resp

y my real Mom."

Charlie was telling his father the truth. Leila was nice to him when he was with her, but he couldn't get into her heart and couldn't know what she really thought. The love she gave him was more of using. It was more of a give-and-take relationship rather than a pure selflessness of a mother.

The more Leila said that she regarded him as her own son, the more disgusted he felt about it. Charlie had never received the motherly love from Leila, which he surely deserved. What he needed was the sincere love from the heart of his real mother.

But Leila had always failed to give it to Charlie. Thereby, Leila had never been like a real mother to him in any circumstances. She had severely failed as not just a lover but as a mother too.

But, Sheryl was completely different.

She would do anything for him, and Charlie could feel himself that she really cared for him. Every time he saw Sheryl holding Shirley in her arms, he had always admired it.

He had even envied it many many times that how amazing it would have been if Sheryl was his mother. It was that he had always craved to experience the honest love of his mother.

However, little did he know that the heartily desire, which he had always fantasized about, would become reality one day. It was as if Charlie's wish had been fulfilled like a miracle. He finally got what he had desired for years in his heart. Indeed, his dream came true!

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