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   Chapter 787 What He Heard

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The leaves rustled on the pebbled ground as the breeze gently blew in the balmy afternoon. A little boy played with sticks and stones in the yard while two figures staring at the open stood on the porch. "But I still feel restless." Sheryl said with a frown. "I worry that Leila might cause new trouble again."

"But I've told you, remember?" Charles stood nearer to Sheryl and looked at her affectionately with loving eyes. "I promise that she can never hurt you and the kids. Please trust me."

The sudden, loud clang of the door bursting open was heard. Chris had arrived and her eyes darted to Charlie playing in the yard, his hand plastered with band-aid. She felt a little sorry for the boy.

Chris walked towards him and squatted to Charlie's eye level. "Show me your arm Charlie. Does it hurt?" she asked.

"I'm fine, Aunt Chris," Charlie said calmly. "This little injury doesn't matter for a real man like me," he quipped.

Upon hearing Charlie's words, Chris couldn't help but giggle a little. She took a good look at Charlie and said, "You're just like your father."

Charlie joined her in laughter, the sound of his boyish voice mixing in with the tinkle of the wind chimes.

Chris knew that Charlie got injured just now. She just recently gave birth to her baby, so Sam didn't want to disturb her with this matter. By the time she heard the news, Charlie was almost fully recovered.

She immediately rushed to their house. When she found out that Charlie was fine and it wasn't very serious, she let out a sigh of relief.

Chris moved her legs to go inside as she said to Charles, "You and Sheryl are really an unlucky pair. How can so many misfortunes happen to you? Charlie and Shirley are just kids yet they've suffered so much. What's wrong with Leila? Is she crazy? Charlie is her son, so how could she even have the heart to hurt him?"

The light in Sheryl's and Charles' faces suddenly dimmed when she just said those words. She was confused at this and asked, "What? Did I say something wrong?"

Chris was aware that she was constantly saying inappropriate or even insensitive words without even realizing it, so she immediately asked them to know if there was something up with what she just said right after askin

she guessed that maybe he didn't know it yet.

Now, that was the most difficult problem to deal with.

Charlie was indeed Sheryl's son but he had lived with Leila for such a long time, so he must be terribly attached to the woman. The worst outcome they could predict was if Charlie would know everything and then resent Sheryl for it.

"He doesn't know yet." Sheryl added with a bitter smile, "I'd been just talking about it with Charles before you came."

"So what will you do?" Deep inside, Chris felt happy to know that Charlie was Sheryl's son. It proved that Charles didn't betray Sheryl several years ago.

Of course, it added to the possibility of them being together once again.

However, Chris got worried when she thought about Charlie.

She glanced at Sheryl and her anxious eyes gave away the fact that she and Charles didn't get to a solution at all when they talked awhile ago. Chris was about to say something when a girlish voice interrupted her from behind. "Charlie, what are you doing here? Why don't you go inside?" Shirley asked.

The three adults' faces paled immediately especially Sheryl, who was quite shocked as they heard Shirley's words.

Sheryl turned back and saw Charlie at the gate, which was right beside the porch. She stared at him in an expression that was an unreadable cross between fear and amazement.

"Charlie, you..." Sheryl stammered nervously. 'Did he hear everything we talked about?' Sheryl wondered anxiously as she looked at her son.

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