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   Chapter 786 Just Tell Him The Truth

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Taking a sip of beer, Charles turned to Andy and said slowly, "Rick is safe now. Sheryl and the kids are also back. Let's move forward and put the entire accident behind us. Act as if it never happened."

"That's easier said than done. You're asking me to forget about what I've done. I simply can't do it. The guilt that I'm feeling is eating me up inside. I just can't forgive myself." Andy smiled wryly and continued, "How could I? I can't even fall asleep because I keep on thinking about all the things that have happened. There's Sheryl, who suffered so much because of this accident. And I also thought of you, and how you suffered for so long when she went missing. It hurts to have this much regret. I feel like someone set a heavy stone on my chest and it weighs down on me with every minute that passes by."

The part that Andy felt most apologetic for was the fact that he trusted Anthony could make Sheryl happy. He couldn't believe what Anthony had done to her.

Charles offered him a warm smile and tried to console him. "Stop thinking about that. Listen to me. Let it go. Things will get better now. Stop burdening yourself with things that have already happened."

As they continued to drink, Andy kept apologizing to Charles, who chose to forgive him and offer him comfort.

Charles was just putting himself in Andy's shoes. Like Andy, he was also a parent, so he knew very well how natural it was to be selfish for one's own child.

It was already morning when Charles left Andy. Before he reached home, Charles got a call from Hugo, who told him that Leila was brought to the police station. He sighed in relief upon hearing the good news.

He arrived home before sunrise. Glancing at his empty home, Charles reallized that his heart felt just as vacant.

He rested on the sofa and closed his eyes for a while. Shortly after, Nacy came in. She saw Charles on the sofa and asked with a worried tone, "Mr. Lu, have you just gotten home?"

"Yes," he mumbled. He softly dug his knuckles at the sides of his head, hoping to ease his headache. "How was Charlie last night? Did anything happen? Is he okay? Was he in pain? Did he cry?" he asked, one question after another.

"Don't worry. Charlie is perfectly fine," Nacy replied. "He's just as tough as you are. Even if he was in pain, he never complained about it. Not a peep."

For a small child to have suffered such a severe fracture must be very painful. B

would be hard for you to take care of yourself." Thinking of how hard it must be for Charlie, she couldn't contain her tears as they streamed down her cheeks. Charles sat beside her, patting her back gently to console her. "Alright, let's stop being sad, okay? Just look at Charlie. He's looking much better, isn't he?"

"I'm fine," she replied, wiping her tears with the back of her hands.

After lunch, Shirley and Charlie headed to the courtyard to play. Sheryl looked out the window, staring at them, with loads of thoughts running around her head.

Charles stood beside Sheryl and handed her a cup of hot tea. "What are you thinking about?" he asked.

She shook her head. "Nothing." Diverting her eyes to Charles, she added, "Well, there is one thing. I'm thinking about how I will tell Charlie that I'm his mother."

At the back of her mind, she knew that one day, the truth would come out, but she had no idea how to tell him.

Charles shrugged. "Just tell him the truth, as best as you can," he suggested. "Don't worry about Charlie. He's not like other kids. He'll understand. Trust me."

"But still..." she began saying. She couldn't admit it out loud, but she was terrified of hurting Charlie once she revealed her true identity.

Even after thinking about it for a while, Sheryl still couldn't make up her mind. "I'm sorry. I still need more time to think about this, to think about what I should do," she said.

"Don't worry," Charles said, trying to reassure Sheryl. "Charlie is our kid, and I know him pretty well. It may be hard on him at first but I know that he will be able to accept it."

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