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   Chapter 785 Charles Reconciled With Andy

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"Mr. Lu, don't mention it," the gang leader replied in a calm voice. He added, "Hugo said you'll be his friend from now on. He will do you a favor as long as you need help. So we are all at your service."

"Please express my gratitude to Hugo when you go back," Charles bowed down sincerely as he replied. Then he instructed them, "You guys also know the woman inside the warehouse. I think you all know what kind of person she is. I don't have anything else to say. I just want her to suffer. I will take the responsibility even if she dies here. Do you understand?"

"Yes, we understand," the gang members answered in unison.

"Charles." Andy raised his brows after hearing Charles' instruction. He held Charles' arm tightly and spoke in a worried voice, "Just calm down. It is illegal to treat her like this..."

"Are you kidding me? Are you preaching now?" Charles interrupted him impatiently. Then he continued with a sarcastic smile, "You should know that I haven't dealt with you yet. What right do you have to say that to my face?"

A tinge of embarrassment flashed on Andy's face. He knew that Charles was enraged by what he had done. And he understood that he couldn't be forgiven so easily. But what he just said was truly for Charles' sake.

The current society was being strictly governed by laws. If Hugo's men killed Leila, Charles would only be safe if the murder wasn't discovered. Otherwise, he would go to jail.

Andy creased his brows and got lost in his thoughts.

Although Hugo looked like a straightforward man, it was not easy to fathom a person especially a gang leader. If Charles really ordered the others to torture Leila, he would also be tripped up by Hugo.

He glanced at Charles and reinforced his determination to discourage him once again. Even if Charles disliked what he would say, he had to say it. "I just want to remind you that Leila's death is advantageous to Ferry. If Leila died, just a few people would know what Ferry has done. But if Leila remained alive and kept by us, then... Ferry would be worried and nervous, right?"

He stopped to gather his thoughts before he continued, "With that scenario, Ferry must continue doubting whether Leila had betrayed

"How about... having a drink together?"

Charles glanced at his watch. It was already three in the morning. Even if he went home now, he knew he wouldn't fall asleep. Why not go and have a drink to relieve his stress? So he nodded his head slightly in acceptance of Andy's invitation.

Then they headed toward a bar and ordered two bottles of wines.

Actually, Charles and Andy had gotten along with each other well three years ago. But because of what had happened to Sheryl, their friendship had been tainted.

But it was easier for men to reconcile by drinking together.

Andy intentionally acknowledged the terrible things he had done. After all, they were a family. He had to apologize for what he had done sooner or later. Besides, it couldn't be denied that it was indeed his fault.

So Andy opened his mouth in a remorseful voice, "Charles, that matter three years ago was... was my fault." Andy poured a glass of wine for Charles and continued, "I also didn't know why I was so insane that I did such a terrible thing. If it hadn't been for Abby who kept on scolding me about it, I wouldn't have realized how terrible was the thing that I had done. I'll be too ashamed to face you now."

"Actually, if I had been in your place, I might have done the same," Charles replied in a calm voice. Although Charles was still angry inside, he understood Andy's situation. He would maybe do the same thing if it had been his son whose life was in a brink of death.

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