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   Chapter 784 The Familiar Place

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"It seems that you are ready for your predestination of hell now," Charles sneered at Leila with a harsh look. He strangled her neck furiously, willing to kill her right away. Leila felt suffocated and gasped very hard for some fresh air. She felt as if she was taking her last breaths at this moment, and had no idea how to break out of this trap. She could clearly sense her death in the air revolving around her.

Her hands were tied up tightly. The ropes were so strong that she could not break them with her bare hands. She had no choice but to look at Charles who was strangling her to death and to accept her fate. There was no way for her to escape her misfortune now.

Leila breathed faster and quicker and her face turned unhealthily red with each breath. She was totally feeble to utter even a single word. She implored Charles to stop with intense desperation in her eyes. He stared straight back into her eyes but chose to ignore her begging, for indeed, the pain that she had caused him was much greater than what she was suffering right now. He felt a strange sense of accomplishment and peace as he saw her struggling for her life.

Andy stood aside and turned a blind eye to this scene. He had no sympathy for Leila at all, so he ignored her misery just as Charles did. He was very well aware of what she had done. He knew how agonized Charles had felt throughout this time just because of her. He also knew that he was another one to blame for Charles' pain. He did not even dare intervene to tell Charles to stop.

"Charl... Charles, please... let... let me... go." Leila squeezed those few words fragments out using all of her strength. Looking at the man who was trying to kill her, she started to recall all her memories with him, both good and bad. It was like a movie being played in front of her eyes in a glimpse.

To hold the hands of this man, who was trying to kill her, was once Leila's mere dream. She dreamed of being together with him for eternity. She had loved him, or to be more precise, she still loved him. She loved him so much that she decided to walk through the evil pathways in order to acquire his love. But, what all she received as a return of her love from him was mere coldness and hatred.

She had sacrificed herself to the extent that she had done things that seemed so stupid, so improbable and so outrageous, but she was not rewarded with anything she desired for in return, not even a single bit of it.

Charles' face turned even gloomier. All he needed was just a little bit more strength, and then Leila would be dead. Barely could he survive the agony once he thought of the miseries of Sheryl and the kids. It was all because of this woman in front of him! He just needed a tiny bit of more power to take revenge and he could no longer resist the urge to kill her.

"Do you... really... hate me... this... much?" Leila forced some barely recognizable words out of her mouth. As she struggled to speak, she used up all the oxygen remaining in her lungs, consequently, she suffocated even more. Her face turned even paler, but surprisingly she started to calm down.

If she could be killed by Charles, that would also be a good end for her. She could not think of a better way to die than this. At least she was dying in the arms of the man she truly lov

playing with you. I thought you like to play, don't you? So, let us play for the last and the final time."

"Charles, you are an asshole! Justice will surely be served for you, and you will regret whatever you have done today!" Leila yelled to Charles hysterically. She had no idea what was waiting for her outside, but one thing she was certain about was that Charles would not let her go so easily.

As she was cursing, she could no longer hold back her tears, which streamed down her face.

She regretted a lot for what she had done. If she had known the result earlier, she would never have chosen to ally with Ferry under any circumstances, not to mention to heed Holley's advice to take the risk to do all those things.

She even began to regret knowing Charles in the very first place.

If she had not met Charles in the first place, she would just have been like a normal girl, had a normal relationship, married someone at a certain age, and led a normal life till the end.

That sounded uninteresting, didn't it? But just give it a thought, a routine life like that was actually not bad.

Charles jeered as he stood up. Leila was shouting and begging, but he just turned a deaf ear and left the warehouse without even looking at her for once.

This place was very familiar. It was where the nightmare of Sheryl had taken place. For countless times, she was awakened in horror by the glimpse of the scene that had happened in this place. She was so scared, so frightened, so terrified just because of the day that was brought by Leila in her life. Now, it was Leila's turn; it was time for Leila to have a taste of Sheryl's pain. For, karma would serve Leila what exactly she deserved!

As Andy followed Charles out, he saw a bunch of people gathering at the door. They were under the supervision of Hugo. Hugo lent Charles his men graciously, as he was well paid by Charles for this.

"Mr. Lu, we are all ready. Please give us your command," Hugo's man reported to Charles in excitement.

Charles smiled back and announced, "Thank you all for coming here. After this is done, I will treat everyone with some nice beers. You guys can drink as much as you want! Go ahead and good luck."

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