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   Chapter 782 Plead For Mercy

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Taken aback, Nancy stared at Sheryl and asked, "Sher... How can it be even possible? Charlie's age is different from that of the missing kid. Moreover, how did Leila make him her own son?"

"It is unbelievable for me too." Sheryl gave a bitter smile and added, "But it is the truth."

"So... Does Charlie know about all of this now?" Nancy questioned Sheryl with great concern.

"He doesn't know anything about it yet." Sheryl shook head slightly and said to Nancy, "Nancy, please tell me what should I do now. I feel so discontented."

Although she got along well with Charlie, she still felt weird to know that she was his real mother all of a sudden.

"Don't worry, Sher." Nancy looked at her with solicitude. "What's Mr. Lu's opinion on this matter?" Nancy asked her.

Sheryl shook her head and answered, "I haven't told him about all this. I don't even know whether I should tell him or not."

Nancy pacified her mood quickly. She continued convincing Sheryl, "Sher, we have spent so much of our efforts to look for the kid and now that we have found him, we should be happy right?"

"Yes, but I still find it difficult to accept the truth." Sheryl was happy to find her son but, was also dumbfounded amidst the result. After some hesitation, she let out a sigh and said to Nancy, "I really don't know how to deal with this matter now. Charlie got injured while he was trying to protect Shirley. I feel so sorry for him."

Nancy felt guilty because she disliked Charlie previously and was not friendly with him at all.

"Now that Charlie is your son, the only thing we should do is to try our best to compensate him. No matter he accepts you or not, we should at least try to make efforts and shower him with the immense love and nurture," Nancy suggested.

Then Nancy smiled bitterly. "After all, you didn't abandon him on purpose."

She cast a glance at Sheryl and said, "Okay, you should have some rest now. Charlie got injured, so I will make some nourishing soup for him tomorrow morning. You can bring it along with you then.

for him for a while and walked up straight towards him as the car parked.

"What are you doing here?" Charles was surprised to see Andy here. Then, he dragged Leila out of his car harshly.

He didn't give Leila to the police because he wanted to inquire about Ferry's whereabouts from her.

If he had handed her over to the police, Ferry would help her and cause more trouble for his family.

"I knew you would certainly come here so, I came early and waited for you," Andy responded in a calm tone.

Charles threw Leila into the warehouse and inquired in rage, "Look around. Do you still remember this place?"

He took the rags out of Leila's mouth and Leila began gasping. When she finally caught her breath, she asked Charles, "What do you want to do?"

"What I want to do?" Charles sneered and said, "You know it obviously, don't you?"

Looking at Charles' ferocious eyes, Leila felt scared. She pleaded, "Charles, no, Mr. Lu, please forgive me."

She was no longer in position to bear the physical tortures any more. So, she begged Charles to have some mercy on her.

"Forgive you? After all this, you expect mercy from me?" Charles smiled coldly and said, "Okay fine, I can spare you! You should know my purpose to bring you here. Just tell me what I want to know. I promise I will let you go safely and unharmed. I am a man of words, Leila."

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