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   Chapter 781 Knowing The Truth

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Abby finished talking and waited for Sheryl's reaction, but Sheryl remained silent for a long time. Abby felt nervous and said anxiously, "Sher, I have discussed this at length with Andy. Whatever compensation you ask for, we will try our best to fulfill the same. Please say something..."

"Aunt Abby," Sheryl finally said. When first hearing Abby's words, Sheryl was really angry. Maybe that was why Andy didn't show happy appearance when he saw her, she thought.

But then she reasoned that he had done this for Rick's safety. She could understand his love for his son and was relieved.

Fortunately, the matter was in the past and had been settled, so Sheryl was not going to dwell on it.

"I am glad that you told me about it," Sheryl said. Then she glanced at Abby and continued, "Fortunately, Shirley is fine now, so let us forget all this. I don't want to pay any more attention to it, and I don't want to investigate it further."

"Really?" Abby looked at Sheryl in surprise and said, "Do you really forgive Andy?"

"Yes, I am," Sheryl said, smiling. "Rick is safe and sound, and I am happy about that."

"Sher... I don't know what to say... This is really very kind of you." Abby was very touched and promised Sheryl, "You have my word that such things will never happen again in future. I promise you."

Abby continued, "Luckily, Charlie has only suffered a minor fracture, otherwise we would really be embarrassed to face you and Charles again."

Abby glanced at Sheryl and asked, " Sher, have you ever thought about how you are going to reveal the truth to Charlie? That kid is sensible. I am sure he will accept it very gracefully."

"Aunt Abby, what are you talking about? I am unable to understand what you are saying." Sheryl was perplexed.

Hearing this Abby realized that Sheryl did not yet know Charlie's true identity. She parked the car on the side of the road and told her that Charlie was her son and Shirley's twin. Abby saw shocked surprise on Sheryl's face at this news.

Although Sheryl had doubted this many times herself, she was surprised and shocked to have it confirmed that Charlie was really her son.

"Oh my God! Is that true? How do you know? Are you sure?" she asked Abby incoherently. When Sheryl saw Abby nodding her head, she was stunned. "How can

is now?"

Charles face turned vicious at Leila's name. He wanted to deal with her in his own way and not hand her over to the police, Charles had not found time to deal with this matter. He knew he must not ignore it further but handle it soon.

Charles glanced at Sheryl and said, "I will deal with her in a fitting way. Don't worry about it."

Charles wanted Sheryl to stay the night as it was already dark. Sheryl refused. She was not yet sure of the right way to handle her relationship with Charles. Now, she found herself guilty on account of Charlie. She decided to just go home with Shirley until she was clearer about all these matters.

When they reached home, Shirley snuggled in Nancy's arms and spoke to her for a long time. Nancy was very happy that Shirley was now normal. She helped Shirley finish her bath and put her to bed. When she came out of Shirley's room, she found Sheryl still sitting on the sofa in a daze.

"What's the matter? You've been sitting in one place ever since you came back. Shirley has recovered from her autism. That is something to be happy about but you are still looking upset," Nancy asked Sheryl in perplexity.

Sheryl looked at her and said, "Nancy, what should I do? I have no idea what to do."

Sheryl revealed the whole story to Nancy. "I just feel so sorry for him, I..."

Hearing Sheryl's words, Nancy was stunned. She never thought Leila would have done such horrible things to Charlie.

She was ashamed of her earlier dislike for Charlie and her attitude towards him.

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