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   Chapter 774 Sheryl’s Boss

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"Oh, are you crying? I am sorry it was just a slip of tongue. Charlie and Shirley have been kidnapped and you must be worried. Oh, I shouldn't talk about that at all. I am really sorry! Please forgive me," Holley apologized sincerely as she drew a tissue paper out of the tissue box and handed it to Sheryl. She pretended to be compassionate toward Charlie's and Shirley's terrible suffering. On the other hand, in her heart, never had she felt so happy before. Sheryl's pain had always made her happy. She thought, 'Well done Leila! I am so happy that you kidnapped Charlie and Shirley. Charlie is probably safe, but I am sure Shirley won't be treated kindly at all. My dear sister, I will also do my best to torment you. You will pay the price for what I have suffered. My life has been ruined and thus, you won't even live a happy life either.'

"It really doesn't matter. I am anxious and worried about Charlie and Shirley. I never thought such bad things would ever happen to them. Miss Ye, I am sorry I haven't been more welcoming to you," Sheryl replied as she shook her head to show she didn't mind Holley's words at all. She knew her boss was just showing solicitude to her employee. Although she was not clear why Holley had treated her much better than her other colleagues, she was grateful especially when she was in terrible suffering. Holley's visit made her feel much better. Her stress surely needed to be shared. She was indeed, in need of a shoulder to cry on.

"Don't say that! I came here to visit you, not for a warm welcome. Just lie down and rest. Only after you recover, you can look for your daughter. You agree with what I am saying, don't you?" Holley stopped Sheryl who was trying to sit and said solemnly. However, this time she wasn't pretending. She really hoped Sheryl, would get better soon to suffer more pain.

"Alright." Sheryl nodded and laid down on the bed. After a short consideration, she asked curiously, "But Miss Ye, where did you get the news from?" She was not a fool. 'It's impossible for Charles to tell my colleagues especially my boss about our kids' kidnapping. But, Holley knew that news. Why? It's weird, ' thought Sheryl.

As Holley heard the question, her face became pale. Since Leila called to inform her that she had taken Charlie and Shirley away, a feeling of ecstasy stopped Holley from thinking clearly. She came to the hospital in which Sheryl was staying before she knew what she was doing. She was stoked to see Sheryl's appearance.

As expected, Sheryl was stricken with anxiety and immersed in grief. This scene was rejoicing for Holley.

As the saying went, extreme joy begot sorrow. She wasn't expecting being asked about the source of the news. There was no time to think out a perfect explanation. She stammered after a short hesitation, "The whole company is yapping about it. It is not a secret." She knew the words were not convincing, but there were no other words that sounded better. It was hard for her to think of a better explanation in such a short time span.

"The whole company knows about that?" Sheryl retorted. She didn't believe a word Holley said. She thought, 'Charles won't tell my colleagues about that. Why does my boss know this news?' She never suspected Leila would tell her boss about what she had done. After all, they were thought to be strangers. The truth was that Holley was a co-conspirator herself.

"Of course," Holley replied stiffly. To defuse the tension, she changed another topic and said tenderly, "Sher, I came here for two reasons. First, I want to make sure you are okay. Second, if you need my help, don't hesitate to call me. I will always be ready to give you my hand." She had been m

apping the children was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing. Now she had been worried about the serious consequences. But she could do nothing to make it right now. There was so much going on in her head right now. She was eager to know Holley's advice instead of her useless comfort.

"That's none of my business. Leila, if I were you, I would call Charles and tell him my demands. You have two children as your hostages. What are you worried about?" Holley said with a sneer. She thought, 'Leila is really a fool. Charles and Sheryl care about their children, so they will promise anything to get their children back.'

Leila narrowed her forehead and asked with hesitation, "Do you think that will work?" She was not sure if her demand would be fulfilled or not. In fact, she didn't even know what to ask for.

"Just try and you will get the answer, won't you? I went to visit Sheryl just now. She has been looking forward to your call. Leila, you have her daughter now. She has been admitted to the hospital. If you work harder, you may…" Holley said patiently. Her sentence wasn't finished; she knew Leila could comprehend the hidden meaning. She thought, 'Leila has been dreaming of being Mrs. Lu. If she is not too fool, she will surely grasp this opportunity. If she can have an affair with Charles and marry him, Sheryl will be pissed. That's what I wish to see.'

"I see," Leila replied happily. 'Sheryl is in the hospital. That's great. I have been trying my best to make Sheryl suffer. Now my goal has been partly achieved, ' thought she. An evil smile got on Leila's lips.

"Yvonne, we are on the same team. If I got punished for what I have done, you wouldn't ran away from it. Is any of this sinking in?" Leila threatened. After a pause, she added, "I have kidnapped the children. If Charles don't let me go unpunished, I will give all the information about you as well. I will tell him you are behind the kidnapping too. Moreover, I will tell him you are Yvonne. Just think about what he would do to you then." She knew Holley was worthy of trusting because they had the same enemy, Sheryl. Regardless, she threatened Holley to assure her safety.

"If I were you, I wouldn't do that," Holley said without any emotions. After a second, she added, "I have told you, I am Holley, not Yvonne." She had told Leila she was Yvonne to win her trust. Although she was threatened by Leila, she was sure it was just a serious warning and would cause no harm.

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